Celebrity Apprentice: How much stars were reportedly paid revealed

A TV insider has reportedly let slip how much the stars taking part on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice are getting paid for their appearances.

According to New Idea, some of the famous names are getting paid a fair bit more than others.

celebrity apprentice stars
An insider has revealed which stars are making the most money. Photo: Supplied/Channel Nine

Former Biggest Loser star and fitness trainer Michelle Bridges, as well as Nova radio host Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli reportedly received the biggest amount - a reported $50,000 each.

The Veronicas' Lisa and Jess Origliasso are said to have received the next biggest amount; a combined $60,000.

With singer Anthony Callea, comedian Ross Noble, and The Block judge Shaynna Blaze believed to be making $30,000 each.


The insider claimed "tension grew on set" due to rumours that clothing designer Camilla Franks was "paid the least" to appear on the show.

Wippa recently spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle about some of the rumoured on-set 'rumbles', pointing out there "weren't too many clashes".

"You're talking about celebrities with the opportunity to go on TV and represent their charity," he said.

"Whenever there was a moment that you could consider heated or passionate, it was coming from a good place because we're all there to fight for our charities."

If there ever was a 'blow up' between celebs, Wippa explained, it was often defused by taking a deep breath and remembering that it was all for a good cause.

"If there was a moment or a rumble, which there are — even I was involved in some — we walk out of there and go, 'Were you ok with that? Because I was ok with that. Okay, good'," he said.

Radio host Wippa on Celebrity Apprentice
Radio host Wippa won the first Celebrity Apprentice challenge. Photo: Channel Nine

However, according to Boost Juice founder and Celebrity Apprentice mentor Janine Allis, there were a lot of "frenemies" among the 14 celebrities taking part.

"There was a lot of frenemies, like a lot of ones that loved and hate each other, but it was really interesting, you would be surprised who kind of connects with who," she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

But the sneakiest celebrity of them all? Janine didn't have to think hard before admitting Survivor's David Genat knew what he was doing on set.

"He was like, 'Love you!' then [imitates backstabbing]," she joked. "But equally, you know, he was probably the sneakiest, but he understood that that's what we need to do. The others had their moments at different times too, and when they were in the boardroom they were punchin'. Like it gets fiery, it is really intense, they come in and it's super intense. Yeah, like, I'm not going to get fired, but I sit there and go, 'Ooh!'"

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