How Celebrity Apprentice's Martha Kalifatidis nabbed a cheeky freebie

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Martha Kalifatidis appeared on her Celebrity Apprentice co-star Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli's radio show Fitzy and Wippa on Friday morning with the team putting the pair to the test to prove they're actually celebrities.

Friday morning's challenge saw the former MAFS bride go head-to-head with Wippa to see who could get a mechanic to fix their car for free, thanks to their celebrity title.

Celebrity Apprentice star Martha Kalifatidis
Celebrity Apprentice star Martha Kalifatidis managed to convince a mechanic to fix her car for free because she's a 'celebrity'. Photo: Instagram/Martha Kalifatidis

Martha spoke to a mechanic named Ned, explaining she had hit her boyfriend's car and needed to have it fixed on the same day. 

"I’ve kissed someone with my car, it’s a little peck, just a little dent and I really need it fixed just like ASAP," she said, to which the mechanic told her she'd need to bring the car in.


"You don’t get it, it’s my boyfriend’s car I’ve hit it, I need to pretend that I haven’t, that sort of thing," she explained, but the mechanic wasn't budging, telling her, "I’m afraid that’s the same story for a lot of people that we’ve got."

"I don’t know how to say this but basically, I’m Martha. I have a huge following on Instagram, you might actually know me, I’m on buses all over Sydney right now. I’m going to be on that show called Celebrity Apprentice," she said.

Martha from MAFS on Fitzy and Wippa
Martha told the mechanic he should do the job for free because she's a celebrity and should be pushed to the front of the queue. Photo: Nova

Thankfully for her, the mechanic had seen the ads, so she continued, telling him she "really" needed the car fixed today.

Ned explained they were "pretty busy", but Martha kept going, "But what about for a celebrity, dude? Surely you can just push us to the front, I’ve got selfies and s**t to take, I’m important!"

He then told the reality star he could fit her in next week, but Martha then threatened to take to Instagram and tell her followers how Ned "told me I had to wait a week".

"Well, do you want it done sooner than a week?" he asked, and she quickly responded, "Yeah, I need it done today. For free."

Wippa on his radio show
Wippa was not so lucky, sadly, with his mechanic saying he'd have to come in to convince the manager. Photo: Nova

To everyone's surprise, Ned agreed, as long as Martha gave them a shoutout on Instagram. 

Martha told the hosts she felt "sick" about the prank and needed to "go home and shower" afterwards.

It seems being on reality TV does pay off, for some, that is. 

Wippa wasn't as successful at the challenge and couldn't get his car fixed for free.

"I’m a pretty big name, I’m a celebrity," he told Tara, a woman from another mechanic. "I’m not sure if you’ve got a celebrity discount or anything or for free. I could give it a shout out. Freebies for big names?"

"Wippa you’re going to have to bring it in and try and charm my boss," Tara explained, after telling the radio host she didn't really know who he was.

He ended the conversation, telling her to tune into the show on Sunday night, to which she responded: "I'll have to Google it."

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