The Veronicas come to blows on Celebrity Apprentice: 'I'm irritated'

The Veronicas came to blows on last night’s premiere episode of Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

The relatable moment was caught on camera for the nation to see, with Lisa and Jessica Origliasso snapping at each other over how they were going to structure one of their comments.

The Veronicas on Celebrity Apprentice Australia
The Veronicas came to blows last night on Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Photo: Channel Nine

Jess was talking about Instagram star Alex Hayes, telling the viewers that he had enlisted the help of a friend to get the perfect shot of him on a skateboard.

“Alex brought his friend in and then they start doing their thing over in the corner. I think he was just really focused on getting it done,” Jess said.


Lisa could be seen whispering to Jess, saying: “I just he’s just really focused”.

Jess didn’t take the constructive criticism well, snapping at Lisa, saying: “Can you just say it please? My patience is getting thin so if you know what needs to be said please say it.

“It’s not important that I say this.”

Lisa looked shocked, telling Jess: “Ok I’m just letting you know something, you’re being a bit much.”

The Veronicas fighting on Celebrity Apprentice Australia
The pair's relatable sisterly moment didn't go unnoticed by fans. Photo: Channel Nine

“I’m irritated,” Jess hit back, continuing: “All I need is for you to say it rather than tell me how to say it, do you understand?”

The sisters came to an understanding at the end, with Jess telling Lisa “that would be helpful”, while Lisa saying she needed to “take a moment after that”.

Martha Kalifatidis on Celebrity Apprentice Australia.
MAFS' Martha Kalifatidis is also appearing on the show. Photo: Channel Nine

Fans online couldn’t get enough of the pair, with one person writing: “Me stanning the Veronicas again.”

Another person wrote: “Forgot how much i like the Veronicas damn.”

The Veronicas went on to be the big winners last night, raking in $60,000 for charity after they decorated a guitar and sang Untouched at the charity auction.

However, if any of the celebrities went into Celebrity Apprentice with anything resembling an ego, they were taken down a peg or two by Alan Sugar.

“Normally I’m faced with a bunch of people that I don’t know, ordinary civilians. Today I’m faced with a bunch of celebrities that I don’t know. I haven’t got a bloody clue who you are,” Lord Sugar said as he met the cast for the first time.

Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatidis, radio host Wippa, Michelle Bridges and Camilla Franks are all involved in the show.

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