Celebrity Apprentice's Janine Allis reveals the sneakiest star

Celebrity Apprentice is back with some of your favourite Australian stars battling it out to win big money for their chosen charity.

The show is led by billionaire Lord Alan Sugar, who is joined by Lorna Jane Clarkson and Janine Allis, who assist him in figuring out which celeb should be fired and who should continue on.

Celebrity Apprentice advisor Janine Allis
Celebrity Apprentice's Janine Allis is one of the two 'assistants' to Lord Alan Sugar. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Boost Juice founder Janine revealed the show was a very easy one to say yes to, "I love the show, I think it's a really cool show, and I'm the sort of person in life to say yes before I say no, because I find that if you say yes before you say no your life's a lot more interesting.


"I've known Lorna and I've done a few things with her, but I've never really spent a lot of time with her, I really was excited about Lord Sugar because he's so experienced and I thought I'll learn a lot from him."

She jokingly added she would have said yes to anything at that point, as she was stuck in lockdown in Melbourne, "Is there a show on mud wrestling? I'm in!"

Speaking of Lord Sugar, Janine said he really does make all the decisions on who is fired and who stays, adding she and Lorna sometimes had no idea which way he was going to go during an elimination.

Janine and Lorna Jane Clarkson with the celebrity apprentice contestant
Janine and Lorna Jane Clarkson with the celebrity contestants. Photo: Nine

"It really is his call at the end of the day," she said. "Some people go, 'Oh it's overproduced,' but he picks. The project manager picks who comes in and he picks who goes home. So we sit there going, 'Really her? Really, really?' Like it's crazy, and really sometimes he hasn't decided until people will come in and they fight for it so that for me is, as a spectator as well as a contributor, really interesting."

Janine added that she and Lorna are on the ground for the challenges, "We get really dirty and sometimes we are you know, somewhere really cool and other times we are just like in some sort of crazy junkyard somewhere in Parramatta or somewhere in Woop Woop and you're going, 'Oh my god what am I doing here?' which is awesome."

Speaking of the celebrities, the entrepreneur said, "Sometimes they were up to three or four o'clock in the morning or not sleeping at all, what they do is crazy and what they do in that timeline is incredible."

Lord Alan Sugar on celebrity apprentice
Lord Alan Sugar makes all the tough decisions on the show, according to Janine. Photo: Nine

She also revealed the hidden talents some of the celebs had that came in handy during the challenges, like Ross Noble, for instance, built the box that Anthony Callea's artwork featured in during the first episode because he's a former carpenter.

The most surprising thing Janine found, however, were some of the relationships that formed, including between frenemies, "There was a lot of frenemies, like a lot of ones that loved and hate each other, but it was really interesting, you would be surprised who kind of connects with who."

But the sneakiest celebrity of them all? Janine didn't have to think hard before admitting Survivor's David Genat knew what he was doing on set.

celebrity apprentice star David Genat from survivor
David Genat was apparently the sneakiest on set. Photo: Nine

"He was like, 'Love you!' then [imitates backstabbing]," she joked. "But equally, you know, he was probably the sneakiest, but he understood that that's what we need to do. The others had their moments at different times too, and when they were in the boardroom they were punching. Like it gets fiery, it is really intense, they come in and it's super intense."

She also added that former MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis wasn't as lazy as some might have thought after the first episode.

"Look, some she was, some she wasn't. In episode one, she was off with the fairies, she had more time taking selfies than she did everything else. And she sort of had no semblance of time," the advisor said.

"But no, there were other [challenges] that she worked her absolute butt off so, and I think that what I loved about Martha, is that her development in the show was really impressive like she went from pretty much, 'Hey, where's my lipstick?' to really down, dirty and getting it done so seeing her develop was really interesting."

Celebrity Apprentice airs on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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