'Little known' Bunnings trolley trick surprises shoppers

Kristine Tarbert
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A Bunnings shopper has sent the internet into a spin after revealing a trolley trick at the hardware store she had only just discovered.

Taking to a Bunnings Facebook group she wrote: “How old were you when you found out Bunnings trolleys had a foot brake? I was TODAY old!”

Close up of the Bunnings Warehouse logo on a trolley hand located in a trolley bay. Bunnings is a very popular hardware/diy store supplying both trade and diy enthusiasts, currently having the biggest market share of this industry within australia.
The trolley revelation shocked many shoppers. Photo: Getty

She went on to explain: “There’s a little red pedal type thing on the top of one of the back wheels that you press down with your foot.”

The post was immediately flooded with hundreds of comments with plenty of people admitting they were also ‘today years old’ and hadn’t noticed the handy trolley inclusion before.

“I am going to Bunnings this week to just check this out,” one shopper said. “I was literally there during the week and thought how it would be great if they had a brake as i was worried it would roll away while putting stuff in the car.”

“Wow I didn’t know ‘till you just told me,” was another response.

While a third surprised shopper wrote: “Whaaaaaat!!!! Had no idea I was there today and shopping with a trolley.”


Even people that worked at the popular hardware store revealed they had never noticed the trolley brake before.

“I work there and never knew,” one person said.

“Current employee of Bunnings and I haven't notice. Definitely looking at it tomorrow,” another admitted.

Melbourne Australia- April 25, 2014: Bunnings Warehouse hardware store Australia.
Who is heading to Bunnings to check this out? Photo: Getty

A few people pointed out many supermarket trolleys are fitted with brakes these days, although not all of them. Back in 2017, pensioners called for mandatory brakes on supermarket trolleys after one woman spoke of how her runaway trolley had collided with a car.

Bunnings shopping trolleys recently ended up in the news, though it had nothing to do with the brakes, but rather with a passenger on board.

A woman's photo of her puppy in a Bunnings trolley sparked a heated debate online earlier this year.

The mum shared her shock at being ‘belittled’ after sharing a sweet photo on social media.

Bunnings policy dictates that dogs are allowed in its stores but must be on a lead and muzzled; carried or in a trolley. Although it often depends on each individual store as well.

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