Woman's photo of puppy in a Bunnings trolley sparks debate online

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Moorabbin, Australia - November 1, 2019: Bunnings charity barbie (Australian slang for BBQ) outside of its stores have been associated with the brand. The charity event occurs on the weekends
Bunnings policy allows dogs in its stores. Photo: Getty

A mum has shared her shock at being ‘belittled’ after sharing a photo of her puppy sitting inside a Bunnings shopping trolley online.

After taking to a Bunnings Facebook to share the sweet snap, the post was flooded with a mix of comments, most of which were negative.

“Off for her first visit to Bunnings this morning,” she wrote alongside the photo of her 16-week-old poodle cross, Georgie.

However, while some comments praised the pup for being a good doggie and ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ at the cuteness factor, a huge majority of people called the woman out for not having better ‘arrangements’ for the dog.

“At least use a dog bed or something, I love dogs but trolleys are for kids in my opinion, not dogs,” one person responded.

“I always take my girl but I always put the windscreen shade in the trolley so she’s more comfortable,” another wrote.

One also said having a dog in Bunnings was the “worst idea” admitting they are always distracted by them and end up not getting “anything done”.

Bunnings policy dictates that dogs are allowed in its stores but must be on a lead and muzzled; carried or in a trolley. Although it often depends on each individual store as well.

dog in bunnings trolley
The woman shared the photo her puppy Georgie on her first Bunnings trip. Photo: Facebook

Shocked by the strong reaction the mum shared a follow up post to hit back at “certain people” who chose to “dictate and belittle me”.

She also revealed the snap was taken before the shop began and a towel was actually placed underneath Georgie.

“Just to clarify something, the puppy was put in the trolley to see if she would be okay going in the trolley with no problems,” she wrote.

“Photo taken and then a towel my daughter brought with her was then put down on top of the trolley. Shopping then began.”

It comes after another mum sparked a debate online earlier this month after she was called out over a seemingly innocent act at a shopping centre.

The mother shared a photo of her two children sitting in the front of a Coles shopping trolley on a local Sydney mums Facebook group.

She asked if other parents did the same thing after an interaction she had with another woman, while she was grocery shopping.

“I was told off by a lady today and she told me it is illegal,” the mum said.

“Is she correct?”

People were quick to point out in the comments trolleys usually have a weight limit, with people saying it was usually 18 kilograms. Others were just concerned for the children’s safety as opposed to viewing it as “illegal” to have two children in the front of the trolley.

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