'Game-changing' Bunnings product app causes frenzy

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Bunnings shoppers are freaking out online after the discovery of the hardware giant’s product finder app they ‘never knew existed’.

A mum caused the commotion on social media this week after taking to a Bunnings Mums Facebook group to reveal she had been using the Bunnings app to make ‘life easier’.

The Bunnings Product Finder app has caused a stir online. Photo: Bunnings Australia

“I was today years old when I discovered this app,” she admitted.

“I can make shopping lists & it tells me which isle things are in. Sorry if old news I was just excited & made my life easier.”

It seems it wasn’t old news at all.

The post caused a stir with hundreds of people flooding the comments, and plenty of them had no idea it existed either.

“Holy cow! I never thought of an app,” one person wrote.

“OMG...Thank you for sharing this! Downloading now,” another said.

“Thanks for sharing, just downloaded it. I wish I had known this before now,” was another response.

While others simply said: “Life changing” or “Total game changer!!”

The app - available on the App store and Google Play - allows shoppers to search Bunnings’ wide range of products and find the in-store location.

You can also see a product's specifications, and check stock levels at your local store.

And perhaps most helpful - so you don’t get stuck buying everything you don’t actually need - you can create a shopping list and plan your trip in advance.

However, the ability to purchase products is not currently a feature of the Bunnings app, you’ll still need to go on the website or buy in store.

Finding things in Bunnings is not always easy. Photo: Getty

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