'Game-changing' Bunnings product app causes frenzy

Bunnings shoppers are freaking out online after the discovery of the hardware giant’s product finder app they ‘never knew existed’.

A mum caused the commotion on social media this week after taking to a Bunnings Mums Facebook group to reveal she had been using the Bunnings app to make ‘life easier’.

Bunnings product finder app
The Bunnings Product Finder app has caused a stir online. Photo: Bunnings Australia

“I was today years old when I discovered this app,” she admitted.

“I can make shopping lists & it tells me which isle things are in. Sorry if old news I was just excited & made my life easier.”

It seems it wasn’t old news at all.

The post caused a stir with hundreds of people flooding the comments, and plenty of them had no idea it existed either.

“Holy cow! I never thought of an app,” one person wrote.

“OMG...Thank you for sharing this! Downloading now,” another said.

“Thanks for sharing, just downloaded it. I wish I had known this before now,” was another response.

While others simply said: “Life changing” or “Total game changer!!”

The app - available on the App store and Google Play - allows shoppers to search Bunnings’ wide range of products and find the in-store location.

You can also see a product's specifications, and check stock levels at your local store.

And perhaps most helpful - so you don’t get stuck buying everything you don’t actually need - you can create a shopping list and plan your trip in advance.

However, the ability to purchase products is not currently a feature of the Bunnings app, you’ll still need to go on the website or buy in store.

(AUSTRALIA OUT) Worker at a new Bunnings warehouse on the outskirts of Melbourne, 11 August 2005. AFR Picture by ROB HOMER (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)
Finding things in Bunnings is not always easy. Photo: Getty

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