Bunnings customer's X-rated social distancing solution

As we settle into the fourth month since the coronavirus pandemic saw strict social distancing and lockdown laws implemented, then relaxed across most Aussie states, it can be tricky to maintain our social distancing efforts.

It becomes particularly difficult when others seem to have little or no regard for the 1.5 metres rule, wearinf face masks or avoiding physical contact.

If you’ve been struggling to get through your weekly shop without feeling furious at the disregard of others pushing and panting their way past you, as if we’re not in the midst of a health crisis, then one bold gentleman may have a solution for you.

Bunnings customer wears jumper with '1.5 metres c*nt' on back
This Bunnings customer's... striking messaging caught one Facebook user's eye. Photo: Facebook

The man in question was spotted at a local Bunnings sporting a hooded jumper with a clear, and effective message brandished across the back, to remind others to please respect his personal space.

“1.5 metres, c***,” the eyebrow-raising jumper reads.

While highly offensive to many, it may be enough to see some draw back in horror (hopefully a full 1.5 metres) leaving the man to complete his tasks without the bother of encroaching civilians.

The jumper itself is no bespoke piece, but available online for anyone eager to get their message across in no uncertain terms.

Best of all, it’s only $35 for a clear and effective messaging strategy, though don’t be surprised if you get a few furious glances or harsh words lobbed your way while wearing.

Facebook users love crass social distancing jumper

The striking, if somewhat vulgar solution caught the attention of a local Facebook group, where the snap of the jumper was shared to the delight of users.

“[For] idiot mouthbreathers that stand right up your butt in line or at the checkout,” the photo was captioned.

“Yes please,” one woman wrote under the snap.

Another revealed her solution had been to wheel her trolley behind her rather than in front, forcing others to keep their distance.

Another woman shared a similar if slightly less crass T-shirt she had picked up for the same purpose that read: ‘You’re still too close’.

Social Distancing T-shirt reads: 'If you can read this you're standing too close' alternative to '1.5 metres c*nt'
Less crass alternatives with the same message are available online. Photo: Amazon

Other less X-rated versions that can be picked up online includes a T-shirt emblazoned with writing that reads: “If you can read this you’re too close”.

Best of all, that one goes for just $12 on Amazon.

The ongoing coronavirus social distancing measures have seen other hilarious results cropping up online, not least a hysterical string of ‘fails’ after girlfriends started cutting their boyfriends’ hair themselves.

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