People are losing their minds over 'magic' $4 Bunnings item

A handy little item from Bunnings has been blowing up online with people sharing their excitement over the $4.50 product that is helping them all around the house.

One mum share a photo of her collection of six Moisture Absorbers in a Facebook group for cleaning tips, and the post immediately received hundreds of comments from others that also use them.

“Who else uses these and finds them so awesome,” the woman wrote.

Bunnings moisture absorber
These handy Moisture absorbers are a huge hit. Photo: Bunnings

“For those who don’t know what they are - Moisture suckers. Great for in wardrobe or anywhere you have moisture or dampness,” she continued.

“Can be purchased from most places, Coles, Woolworths, seems Bunnings is the cheapest to purchase from I get them 6 for $10.”

Others revealed they were in love with the product that works “like magic” in wardrobes, cars, and cupboards.

“Every single window in my home has this and on the bottom shelf where I keep my collectables,” one person wrote.

“Have been using these for years and can’t imagine not. Especially love them in your wardrobe.. have kept my clothes in mint condition,” another revealed.

“Love them, have them through the house,” another person shared.

While a fourth suggested: “Best thing in the car too for rainy days.”

Given the rave reviews it’s no surprise plenty of other shoppers seemed keen to get their hands on a few, with some suggesting The Reject Shop as another option to get them cheap.

“I need this,” was one comment.

While another said: “Wow thanks for sharing!”

Bunnings is Australia\'s most successful hardware chain.
Bunnings has done it again. Photo: Getty

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