$2 Bunnings buy becomes viral Christmas hack sensation

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Bunnings is known for offering the lowest prices, but now they’re gaining a reputation as a one-stop Christmas shop after one of their everyday items was repurposed as a viral festive decoration.

A $2 packet of coat hangers sold by the Aussie warehouse chain has found new life as the base product in a seasonal DIY snowflake, perfect for jazzing up the home or garden ahead of the silly season.

Bunnings has customers going gaga over a $2 Christmas hack. Photo: Getty Images
Bunnings has customers going gaga over a $2 Christmas hack. Photo: Getty Images

The trend see people takes a 10-pack of plain plastic hangers, which retail between $2 and $8, depending on the colour and durability choice, and fashion them into a snowflake shape.

The clever DIY sees the hangers tied together using secure zip ties, fashioned into a snowflake or star shape.

Once the shape is assembled, LED lights wrapped around the contraption turn it into a stunning, sparkling Christmas decoration.

Bunnings Christmas $2 coat hanger DIY star
Snaps of the stunning DIY are lighting up Facebook pages. Photo: Facebook
Bunnings $2 black plastic coat hanger used in snowflake hack
The humble plastic coat hanger is the central ingredient in this delightful Christmas concoction. Photo: Facebook

One clever mum, Deb, even shared a handy step by step of the process. listing the six steps to Christmas snowflake glory.

1. 20 coat hangers and a lot of secure ties.

2. Start securing 10 hangers together to make one star.

3. Keep joining hangers to create one star.

4. One completed star.

5. Repeat step 2 to 4 creating another star.

6. Place one completed star on top of the other slightly offset. Secure in place.

Step by step of Bunnings Christmas snowflake star DIY using $2 coat hangers
Mum Deb shared a handy step by step guide to making your own snowflake or star. Photo: Supplied/ Deb Bee

Advice varies on the size of the star or snowflake, but most agree to at least 200 lights, if not more, are needed to pull off the hack.

The trend has gone bananas online, with social media users bombarding popular Facebook groups with their attempts at it.

Image of two Bunnings $2 coat hanger Christmas DIY snowflakes with lights in house window.
One family opted to go jumbo-sized on their snowflakes, using them to light up their windows. Photo: Facebook

“Took awhile and lots of cable ties but got there in the end,” one mum wrote, sharing images of her breathtaking, jumbo-sized snowflakes.


“Thanks for the inspiration!” another wrote alongside a snap of a very impressive result, shimmering with multi-coloured lights. “The kids are loving the DIY Christmas star.”

“It's awesome!” another wrote alongside her cool white-light take on the trend. “Absolutely love it.”

White coat hanger Bunnings Christmas DIY snowflake trend
Some opted for a white base and golden lights. Photo: Facebook

It’s not the only DIY hack to cause waves online ahead of the holiday season.

Last month, eager Christmas beavers went wild for a decoration hack that used a $2 Kmart pool noodle as a base to create a jaw-dropping Christmas centrepiece.

Image of Christmas pool noodle centrepiece
This table runner was made using hot glue, baubles and a $2 pool noodle. Photo: Supplied

Aussie mum Angela kicked off the trend when she shared snaps of the ‘beautiful’ finished table runner to a Facebook fan page.

Angelica explained she had used a $2 Kmart pool noodle fortified with a curtain rod placed through the middle to create a base, and glued a variety of decorations on top with a hot glue gun.

The finished product looks as good as professional jobs which can cost hundreds of dollars. Angelica tells Yahoo Lifestyle she estimates she spent a fraction of the price of professional garlands on the whole process.

Her post prompted a runner revolution, with other DIY enthusiasts jumping on the trend and sharing their stunning results on Facebook.

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