$2 Kmart hack saves mum hundreds in 'stunning' Christmas DIY

A mum has won the internet today with a Christmas savings miracle that may have you sledding down to your local Kmart quicker than you can say ‘jingle bells’.

The clever DIY trick potentially saved Aussie mum Angelica hundreds of dollars after she managed to make her own lavish Christmas runner ahead of the festive season using just a Kmart pool noodle and budget baubles, rather than forking out hundreds for a ready-made option.

Image of Kmart store as DIY ramps up for Christmas
A $2 Kmart has proven a must-have DIY accessory this Christmas. Photo: Getty Images

The clever hack resulted in a ‘beautiful’ finished product that created a real stir amongst Kmart fans when Angelica shared it to a Facebook fan page.

Uploading a photo and a couple of videos of the finished garland, Angelica explained she had used a $2 Kmart pool noodle fortified with a curtain rod placed through the middle to create a base, and glued a variety of decorations on top with a hot glue gun.

Image of Christmas DIY Kmart pool noodle hack
A mum's stunning table centrepiece made using a $2 Kmart noodle is making waves online. Photo: Supplied

“First-time hack but pretty pleased with the results,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I started with the baubles from the outside and then worked my way building up, just used a hot glue gun,” she continued.


Image of  five $2 Kmart pool noodles in different colours used in Christmas DIY
The innocuous pool noodle was an essential element of the DIY. Photo: Supplied

The finished product looks as good as professional jobs that can cost hundreds of dollars. Angelica tells Yahoo Lifestyle she estimates she spent a fraction of the price of professional garlands on the whole process.

“All up I would say I spent no more than $60,” she says. “I got a lot of the decorations from Kmart, Target and Big W [as well as] a beautiful shop in Rouse Hill called Lifestyle Living.”

Progress image of pool noodle christmas baubles
The baubles were stuck onto the noodle using a hot glue gun. Photo: Supplied

“After gluing all the baubles down and [making] my base I went in and filled all the gaps with my decorations (the key is to find bigger flowers and leaves to fill in the gaps). After that was done I sprayed it with fake snow.”

Details on Kmart pool noodle Christmas table centrepiece hack fake flowers, fake snow, baubles
Closer shots show the addition of flowers, leaves and some snow spray tied the whole thing up in a glittery, Christmassy bow. Photo: Supplied

She says she always wanted a festive table piece but couldn’t cop the staggering price tags.

“I always wanted a big centrepiece for my table but they were so expensive and I couldn't bring myself to spend over $300 for one,” she admits. “I love doing things like this, it was so fun.”

She’s not the only one who loves the DIY either.

Facebook group explodes over ‘beautiful’ finished product

Side by side images of Christmas centre piece DIY
The stunning finished product attracted the attention of thousands online. Photo: Supplied

Her Facebook post sharing the hack on Sunday evening has already attracted more than 2000 likes from eager onlookers, as well as over 500 comments from even more impressed individuals.

“Love this, looks amazing,” one DIY lover wrote.

“It’s beautiful!” another agreed. “This is exactly what I want for my table.”

“This is absolutely outstanding,” was another’s assessment of the Christmas decoration.

“Wow so smart,” another admired.

Angelica’s not the first industrious DIY lover to get cracking on Christmas early.

One mum wowed the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group last week with snaps of her new 'fireplace' that she created on using just cardboard boxes and wrapping paper from Kmart for her kids who were concerned about how Santa would be entering their house.

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