$4 Kmart bargain food containers saving Aussies thousands

A bargain Kmart product is helping Aussies save thousands by making fresh fruit and vegetables last longer in the fridge.

A post in a popular Kmart group on Facebook has blown up, showing just how many people are in love with the Food Fridge Savers from the popular store, with hundreds of people commenting on how much they love the item.

kmart fridge food savers
These Kmart Food containers are a huge hit. Photo: Kmart

In Australia, the Government estimates one in five shopping bags of food end up in the bin. That’s $3,800 worth of groceries per household each year, OzHarvest reports.


One woman shared a photo of her baby spinach leaves that had already last for one and a half weeks.

“I love, love, LOVE these fridge containers. This baby spinach is 1 & half weeks old... I have them in every size,” she posted alongside some images on Facebook.

baby spinach kmart food container
This baby spinach is over a week old already. Photo: Facebook

And she’s not the only person who said they swear by them.

“How awesome are they, best containers I’ve ever owned,” was one comment.

“I swear by them! Have about 10 of them in 3 different sizes,” another person agreed.

“They make my strawberries last longer too I love them,” was another response.

While a fourth person simply wrote: “Preaching to the converted.”

The containers cost as little as $4, and go up to $9 for the large 4.5l version.

According to the product description the, multi-functional storage container have adjustable air vents to maintain airflow and keep food fresher for longer.

They also have an added benefit of making refrigerators odourless, clean and organised and are also freezer safe.

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