Brittany Hockley's mortifying X-rated moment with boyfriend's family

"As I lean back into frame, really vibing myself, I look at the screen, and there's Ben staring back at me..."

Aussie star Brittany Hockley has detailed a mortifying incident with her boyfriend's family, after they saw a little too much of her on a FaceTime call.

Brittany, who is in a long-distance relationship with Swiss soccer player Ben Siegrist, opened up on the Life Uncut podcast about how the couple has regular morning FaceTimes to catch up, except one went awry when Ben didn't update her that he was with his family.

"Every time we FaceTime, it's always in the morning when I'm getting ready," she shared, detailing that she has her iPad up and will shower, have breakfast, and have a coffee while on the phone to him.

"One morning I've stripped off, and I'm starkers, naked, just about to get into the shower," Britt said. "And the iPad starts ringing and it's Ben, so I'm like... perfect timing, titties are out, they're looking full, it was probably that time of the month, I had great lighting... it was just really choice for a nudey FaceTime," she said as co-host Laura Byrne put her head in her hands, thanking her for the detailed description.

Laura Byrne with head in hands and Brittany Hockley speaking into podcast microphone
Life Uncut host Brittany Hockley had an accidental X-rated moment with her boyfriend's family. Photo:

Britt then went on to say she put the iPad down on the bathroom sink and leaned out of the frame to put the shower on as she picked up, with the FaceTime still loading while she was out of frame.


"As I lean back into frame, really vibing myself, I look at the screen, and there's Ben staring back at me... and right next to Ben is Ben's mum, and Ben's dad, and Ben's sister, and Ben had decided without any prior acknowledgement to do a family FaceTime," Britt said.

"I'm standing there looking them in the eyes, my titties are looking them in the eyes, I panic, roll to the ground... this is how I end," she laughed.

Then things somehow got worse when Britt said the reason they were all in the car together was because they were going to his grandparents' grave.

Fans flocked to the comments to express their dismay for Britt (and also have a bit of a laugh about the series of unfortunate events).


"Lucky they’re Swiss and prob all good with nudity," one person joked. "Oh my lord, I’m hurting! Dying of laughter," another fan commented.

"You’ve just made my morning." another fan said, while Britt herself left a comment on the Life Uncut page simply saying, "RIP me."

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