Brittany Hockley fires back after being slammed for 'girl language' comment: 'Having a laugh'

"We shouldn't be normalising this!"

Brittany Hockley has hit back at criticism over a recent podcast segment where she and co-host Laura Byrne talked about a concept they deemed 'girl language'.

Chatting on the Life Uncut podcast, Brittany was talking about an incident with her partner Ben when she realised that women can tend to have a whole different dialogue.

"If a woman says don't get me a present, she obviously means, get me a present!" Brittany stipulated, while Laura laughed.

"It made me think this is the equivalent of girl math, girl language. We have a whole other dialogue that means something completely different to what we say," Brittany continued.

"Like when you're in an argument and you're giving them the silent treatment, and they're like 'Babe what's wrong?' and you're like 'nothing'", Brittany said as an example.

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne host Life Uncut. Photo:

"Even like 'I have nothing to wear tonight', no you have a wardrobe that will kill you if it falls out on you and you'll drown in your clothes," she continued.


While the segment was light-hearted, it copped backlash online with some people refuting the claims that women don't communicate what they really want.

'Giving us a bad name'

"I really disagreed with this whole conversation. It’s not hard to be clear in your communication with your partner," one person commented.

"Nah, don't lump us on with your inability to communicate. Giving us a bad name," another said.

"We shouldn't be normalising this! Women need to break out of this societal conditioning - say what you mean and mean what you say," another person said. "Get used to asking for your needs to be met! Tell your partner what you want! Set boundaries AND expectations!"


'Just being silly'

However Brittany took to the comments to address the backlash, saying it was all meant to be a laugh.

"Guys we are just being silly and having a laugh... like when Ben asks if I’m hungry and want anything to eat and I say no thanks, he knows to get me a burger anyway because he knows it’s likely I’ll end up eating half of his," Brittany said.

"People take things too seriously these days" a Life Uncut fan said. "How could you not see Laura and Britt were playing around and having a lighthearted conversation? We don’t have to be politically correct in every aspect of life…..loosen up. If something’s not to your liking, just move on."

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