X-rated meaning behind pineapples on cruise ship cabins shocks TikTok

A young woman wandering around a cruise ship for the first time learned a whole lot more about the "fun" activities people get up to when on holiday after sharing a video of cabin doors with pineapples on them.

The passenger from Miami posted a 15-second clip on TikTok showing decorative pineapples stuck on a number of cabin doors as she walked past them.

"When you're on your first cruise and you see that everyone has these little cute pineapples on their door," the video caption reads.

"Aww how cute, I wonder what's the occasion," she added.

Pictures of pineapples on cruise ship cabin doors, under purple lighting
One woman who went on a cruise for the first time wondered why there were "cute" pineapples adorning some cabin doors. Credit: TikTok/@BlogionistaTravels

Viewers in stitches

The uploaded footage by TikToker BlogionistaTravels has earned a whopping 8.2 million views with over 5,700 comments explaining the meaning behind her curious discovery.

"It means drop-ins are most welcome... and bring friends," came one woman's tongue-in-cheek reply, while another added: "Baby just keep walking."

"Do you like Piña coladas and getting tag teamed in the rain?!" another person joked, referencing lyrics from the 1979 Rupert Holmes song 'Escape'.

"That means they want to rock the boat," chimed another.

Hidden meaning revealed

Other amused viewers found it quite surprising that not everybody knew what pineapples actually represent in this particular context.

Images of pineapples, in particular when they're upside-down, have become a secret sign used by swingers to identify each other in public.

"It's 2022 and ppl still don't know that an upside pineapple represents swinger," one person commented.

"I didn't know til just now lol, it's not common knowledge," someone replied.

"I found out on this video," another confessed.

Asking for a friend?

"Everyone saying run, meanwhile I want to know the name of the cruise," a curious woman chimed, while another joked, "Still waiting on name of cruise... for a friend of course."

"What's the name of the cruise tho? Asking for me and my wife," questioned a third.

Upside-down pineapples

The cruise ship passenger should consider herself lucky about the circumstance in which she made the discovery about the tropical fruit.

One young woman learned the X-rated meaning after she had an upside-down pineapple tattooed on her wrist and made a bunch of TikTok videos with her ink on full display.

It was only when a friend hinted that there was something amiss about her ink that she discovered what it means in certain circles.

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