Bride's shock wedding act sparks debate: 'Would give me nightmares'

A bride has divided opinion after being carried down the aisle in a coffin.

A couple has sparked debate with their “funeral-themed” wedding where the bride was carried down the aisle in a closed coffin. The bridal party, all clad in black, held the hand-painted casket to the tune of Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie.

Once the bride reached the altar, the lid was opened and she stepped out for the ceremony. She wore a long black dress with a see-through black cape, black boots and held a dark green and black bouquet.

Two photos of a bride in a coffin
A bride has sparked debate over her decision to go down the aisle in a coffin. Photo: Facebook

Their wedding decor was simple, with two large black curtains pulled to the sides and a strong green light illuminating a floral centrepiece. The guests may have been asked to dress up, with one attendee wearing a full Grim Reaper costume.

After snaps from the polarising wedding appeared on a popular wedding-shaming Facebook group, many people shared their thoughts on the unique theme.


“The way I would absolutely cry laughing if I went to a wedding like this. And I have a lot of goth friends and they wouldn’t dare,” one person wrote.

“That coffin is dodgy AF. If you’re going to do it, do it right. This wedding is one of those moments where something is horrifying but you can’t look away. 10/10, I want to go,” another quipped.

Bride and groom
The bride's entrance was a divisive one. Photo: Getty Images

“Using [death] as a joke in a wedding is a bit weird. We’ve had a lot of deaths in our family so it’s something that makes me cringe when I see people do s**t like this,” a third pointed out.

“The one thing I never want to see is my husband in a casket. This would give me nightmares,” another remarked.

“I would walk out of this wedding. Honestly,” a group member claimed.


However, there were some who found the idea of a “funeral” wedding intriguing.

“Lmaooo if the coffin looked better I would be so into this,” one admitted.

“I would have been all over this in high school,” another added.

“This would have been my dream wedding when I was 20,” a third chimed in.

“Leave the goths alone lmao,” a group member commented.

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