Bride slams wedding guest for breaking unspoken rule: 'Ruined'

The guest was confused when the bride blasted his decision.

A bride has unleashed on one of her former friends after he accidentally wore a wedding dress to her wedding ceremony. It’s a common unspoken rule for wedding guests not to wear white or clothing that upstages the bride.

However, the Aussie wedding guest took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole community to explain his side of the story and most people supported his choice of attire.

A bride applying lipstick in a mirror
A bride blasted her friend for wearing a wedding dress to her wedding. Photo: Getty

He started off by revealing that he was invited to a “costume party” which was being held to celebrate her engagement. There wasn’t a theme, so the wedding guest settled on dressing as Emily The Corpse Bride from Tim Burton’s famous 2005 film as a joke. He had blue paint all over his body and sported a ripped wedding gown.

He wasn't the only one who wore an over-the-top costume, with another guest dressed as an inflatable dinosaur. While he was enjoying the event at the start, the groom soon came out and announced that it was actually a surprise wedding, rather than just an engagement party.


“Apparently my friend saw a video of someone doing this and wanted to do the same,” he wrote. “[The groom] asked us all to go to the backyard for the ceremony to begin. I went straight to him. I asked if I should quickly go home and change my outfit and that I would get back before it started.

“He told me it was fine since I didn’t know this was the wedding.”

The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch, but the guest soon realised something was awry when the bride refused to socialise with him.

“I tried talking to my friend and celebrating with her but she kept making excuses to not talk to me. I assumed it was just because she was [tired] from the big day and wanted some alone time,” he added.

Emily the Corpse Bride and Victor
The guest even painted himself blue to look more like Emily from The Corpse Bride. Photo: Warner Bros

Once the party had finished up, the bride suddenly bombarded the guest with messages about how upset she was with his wedding outfit.

“She was cussing me out and telling me how I ruined her wedding. I was really confused and asked what I did,” he continued. “She told me it was basic knowledge not to wear a wedding dress to a wedding. I reminded her I had no idea it was a wedding and that I asked her now husband if I should change and he said it was fine.

“She didn’t respond, but I got a text from her husband. He asked why I would tell her he said it was fine…he said I should have changed anyway and it’s my fault that the two are now fighting.”

The next day, the guest tried to message the bride an apology, but soon found that the couple had blocked him on every channel.

He received an overwhelmingly positive response on Reddit, with most people saying he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“The bride and groom are being ridiculous. This is like inviting people to a pool party and being mad at someone for wearing a bathing suit. [The guest] followed the instructions, made the effort to even double check once the ‘surprise’ was revealed, and is being scapegoated by the couple to resolve their issues. And OP being a man in a Corpse Bride wedding dress sounds hilarious and awesome!” one person commented.


“Your friend needs to learn that when dumping a surprise on people this, sometimes things aren't always perfect 100%. Not your fault,” another pointed out.

“All I can say is this couple has 99 problems and you aren’t actually one of them, you’re just a convenient distraction from yelling at each other. Bonus points if they unblock you in two weeks to complain they haven’t received a wedding present from you yet,” a third chimed in.

“These people are far too immature to be married. It’s probably better for you that they blocked you. No one needs that kind of drama,” another remarked.

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