Bride slammed for 'mean' $595 designer demand: 'This is hideous'

Her bridesmaid reached out for help online after being faced with a hefty purchase.

Being part of a bridal party can be extremely expensive. These days, bridesmaids are expected to chip in for a hen party and a bridal shower, and cover the cost of a dress, makeup and shoes… for a wedding day that’s celebrating somebody else.

One bride has found herself in hot water online after her bridesmaid reached out on Reddit wanting to find a ‘dupe’ of an expensive designer dress.

“Hi, I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid this summer and we’ve been assigned a designer GANNI dress with a hefty price tag. Please help me find something similar and more affordable,” the bridesmaid wrote in her post.

The bridesmaid reached out for help finding a dupe for this designer dress. Photo: Reddit & GANNI
The bridesmaid reached out for help finding a dupe for this designer dress. Photo: Reddit & GANNI

The black double satin string long dress retails for a whopping $595 AUD but it’s a relatively simple design. Its biggest statements are two satin tie strings for straps along with a high slit at the back. The maxi dress is tight around the bodice but balloons out below, becoming shapeless.


Reddit users urged the bridesmaid to talk to the bride rather than showing up in a ‘dupe’, warning her that it might ruffle some feathers. “If you can’t afford it you need to talk about it with the bride. Unless you can find the exact dress second-hand somewhere, she is very likely to be able to tell that you bought a different dress, and if you haven’t talked to her about doing that beforehand she’s very likely to be pissed,” one advised.

“I would recommend looking for it second-hand… I think it’s unreasonable to ask your bridesmaids to spend this much on a dress even if it’s the dress she asked you to get, [but] I wouldn’t look for an alternative,” another added.

This is the $595 dress the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear. Photo: GANNI
This is the $595 dress the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear. Photo: GANNI

Bride gets called out on social media

After the post was shared on a popular Facebook wedding group, many users called out the bride for her expensive request.

“I’d shame any bride asking their bridesmaids to purchase a $595 dress, no matter how beautiful. $200 tops. Or better yet, pay for their dresses or use little black dresses from their closets,” one person commented.

“My friend picked out a $400 dress but they only asked that we contribute $100 each. Unless all of your friends are stupid rich, don’t pick out a dress over $150,” another pointed out.

“$595 for THAT????? I’d bow out of the wedding party. That’s horrific,” a third added.

An ulterior motive?

Others couldn’t help but wonder if the bride had an ulterior motive when choosing the ‘hideous’ bridesmaid dresses.

“There are PLENTY of modest dresses that don’t show a person’s figure that are flattering and don’t look like a trash bag that [the bride] could have gone with if she felt insecure. Wow. That’s just mean,” one person wrote.


“Tell me you hate your bridesmaids without telling me you hate your bridesmaids. This is giving big ‘I don’t want anyone else to look good’ energy and I’LL NEVER understand it,” another remarked.

“I showed this to my husband and he said ‘why does it look lumpy?’. It looks so bad,” a third chimed in.

“I’d pay for the bride to never talk to me again with this type of taste,” another joked.

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