Bride's shocking question about wedding guest sparks outrage online: 'Overstepping'

A bride has suggested one of her wedding guests change their hair colour and the internet has opinions.

The road to the perfect wedding is often paved with meticulous planning, with each detail thoughtfully considered. However, for some brides, the desire for perfection can lead to unexpected tension. One such bride recently took to social media to share her concerns about her brother's partner, whose bright hair colour might clash with the family wedding photos.

Debate has ensued over the bride's right to dictate her wedding guests' hair colour. Photo: Getty
Debate has ensued over the bride's right to dictate her wedding guests' hair colour. Photo: Getty

The bride shared her dilemma, writing, "I don't know if this is 'bridezilla' of me...My brother's girlfriend dyes her hair every once in awhile a bold colour (bright blue.) Is it wrong to ask her not to have a bold colour for my wedding and go more natural colours like she does for most of the year? My biggest worry is for our family pictures."


The responses were quick and decisive. Some commenters were quick to label the bride as a "bridezilla" for even considering such a request.

"Bridezilla doesn't want a guest to dye her hair!" one wrote. Another chimed in, "She's a guest, not a bridesmaid. The bride should have absolutely no say in her hair colour."

'Skip the wedding'

Other participants agreed, calling the bride's request unreasonable. "It's overstepping to ask someone to change themselves for one day," one commenter remarked. Another pointed out the significant time and effort it takes to achieve and maintain a bold hair colour, stating, "No one is worth changing my hair for."

Another added: "It's bridezilla to dictate how people take care of their bodies, including hair colour. She's not even in the wedding!"

Reflecting on their own experiences, some commenters shared their perspectives. "As someone with dyed hair, I'd probably skip the wedding if someone asked me to change my hair colour just for pictures," one said. Another added, "I understand it's your wedding, but I'm tired of people thinking they get to dictate other people's appearances because it's 'their' day. Ma'am, it's still her hair."

Tattooed wedding guest clasping her hands together as lesbian couple gets married.
The general opinion among the group was that a bride shouldn't dictate her guests' appearance. Photo: Getty

Some commenters in the group even said that if they were in the guest's shoes, they would reconsider their attendance at the wedding: "I don't agree with asking people in the wedding party to have specific hair colours, much less the GUESTS. If someone asked me to make sure my hair isn't pink at their wedding, I'll comply. My hair will be pink at home where I'll be instead of attending."

However, a few commenters noted that if the request was posed respectfully, it might be reasonable.

"Asking her if she will postpone her bold hair colour until after the wedding is not the same as asking someone who always has a bold colour to dye it natural. There's no harm in just asking for something. Being a bridezilla would be demanding it."

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