Bride's 'hideous' wedding Crocs divide: 'I hate this'

Two brides have been savaged on social media after sharing their 'tacky' shoes.

A new wedding footwear trend has emerged, with some brides choosing to wear comfortable Crocs on their big day instead of traditional high-heeled shoes. After two snaps of bridal Crocs were posted to a popular wedding shaming group on Facebook, a fierce debate broke out in the comment section.

A plethora of staunch Croc lovers stepped up to defend the brides’ choices, but others labelled the footwear as “tacky” and “hideous”. Both brides had personalised their crocs with floral details and ornaments, with one sticking multiple flowers and jewels onto her white shoes.

R: Woman wearing pink crocs. R: Bride holding a bouquet
A new wedding footwear trend has emerged. Photo: Getty

The other bride added what looked like a charm anklet wrapped around the strap. Gold chains with white pearls and a picture of an engagement ring hung from the anklet, with her name written at the bottom of the left shoe.

“Wedding reception Crocs are ready,” she wrote in her Facebook post. I love my personalised Croc charms (but not cheap wedding budget-friendly) but worth it!”


Crocs are made from Croslite, a material that is similar to rubber or foam. Croc fans often rave about how comfortable the shoes are, as well as praising them for being breathable and waterproof.

On Facebook, hundreds of people argued about whether Crocs are suitable for weddings, with some confused by the new trend.

Screenshots of brides sharing their wedding crocs
Two brides proudly shared their wedding day footwear on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

“Honestly comfy wedding shoes are where it’s at. They do be ugly though,” one person admitted.

“Are wedding Crocs a trend now? I’m fine with it but I just never thought I’d see the day,” another asked.

“I’m 1000000 per cent wearing Crocs on my wedding day. I’m a Croc girl all day every day. I even have winter Crocs. I only own Crocs. Nothing else. I’m proud of it lmao,” a third admitted.

“Honestly I don’t hate it. The shoes I bought for my wedding were super cute and felt comfy. Until literally the day of, and I was standing there wishing I had never bought them. Took them off as soon as I could, and did the majority of my wedding barefoot, which is so icky now that I think about the floor,” another pointed out.


However, another bride-to-be said she 'hates' the trend, while others questioned why people like to wear Crocs in the first place.

“These gave me a violent, visceral reaction to throw up,” one person quipped.

“These are absolutely hideous. Also why are 'wedding Crocs” even a thing?” another asked.

“I wore heels my entire wedding day. Bought a not-too-high pair and spent a month slowly breaking them in and I was perfectly comfortable. You don’t want to do heels? I am completely, utterly behind that. But going full-on Crocs? JESUS, no. There is a MIDDLE GROUND.” a third wrote.

“Imagine bragging that something is expensive and it looks like this,” another remarked.

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