Bride's breeding act to fund wedding shocks: 'Disgusting'

The bride's unusual side hustle drew criticism online.

A bride has come under fire for turning to unconventional ways to fund her upcoming wedding. While she describes her wedding as “budget-friendly”, the couple haven’t been able to afford the $14,000 price tag.

The pair attempted to use a side hustle to cover costs, deciding to ‘breed their dog’ and sell the puppies. After the bride’s request for sympathy and ‘stress-relieving tips’ was shared on a popular wedding Facebook group, she was quickly labelled as ‘disgusting and exploitative’.

Bride and Groom after the ceremony holding a sparkler
A bride has been slated online after revealing her unique side hustle. Photo: Getty

“Does anyone have any tips for wedding stress? We decided [to] breed our dog and use the sale of puppies to fund our wedding, we’ve been very budget friendly with our whole wedding costing $14K and we owe $6K on our venue but the puppies haven’t sold yet,” she explained.

“We’re less than three months out and I’m stressing to the point my hair is literally falling out and I’ve got an actual bald patch. Any stress-relieving tips would be so appreciated!”


The bride was slammed online, with group members outraged by her decision to use her dog in this cruel manner.

“This just upsets me. They are animals. Make something else to sell to pay for the wedding or budget accordingly,” one fired out.

“Here's a tip. Don't use living things as a means of funding your wedding unless you know what you're doing. Get a job. Leave the breeding of animals to the professionals,” another added.

“I’m going to puke. I HATE people. Omfg,” a third chimed in.

“Just maybe, maybe, not spend money you don't actually have,” another remarked.

Outdoor wedding ceremony set up with white fabric and flowers
The couple have planned a wedding that they can't afford. Photo: Getty


Others couldn’t help but comment on how the bride was losing her hair over the situation.

“I’m not an animal person…but this is disgusting! Her hair falling out is karma,” a group member commented.

“I feel a little happy she has a bald patch... is this feeling wrong?” admitted another.

“Not at all, I hope all her hair falls out,” replied a third.

“I hope your stress gets worse! That's how much I hate people who exploit animals,” another added.

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