Bride's 'bizarre' move after wedding disgusts: 'So gross'

People were shocked by her 'ridiculous' act.

A bride has come under fire for trying to sell her half-used toiletry items from her wedding. Instead of keeping items that included a ‘half full deodorant’, dental floss and opened wet wipes, the budget-conscious newlywed tried to recoup some of her money.

It’s a common wedding trend for the hosts to provide a cute bathroom kit in case of emergencies. They often include things that guests may need in a pinch, which can include bobby pins, hair ties, makeup wipes, mints and more.

L: A smiling bride at her wedding. R: A wedding toiletry emergency box
Brides often have cute toiletry kits for guests to use at their wedding. Photo: Getty & Instagram/tasha_mae_events

However, it’s not usually something that is purchased second-hand. Her post was spotted and posted in a popular wedding shaming group, with a screenshot of her “bathroom emergency kit” listed for $150.

“Found on a wedding buy swap sell group. Majority is fine but who sells half used deodorants?” the group member wrote alongside the screenshot.


Many people were horrified by the bride’s 'ridiculous and bizarre' sale post, with group members saying they hoped she was selling an aerosol deodorant rather than a roll-on.

“Nobody wants USED TOILETRIES. Jesus Christ. So gross,” one wrote.

“Wait, so they provided a deodorant, and enough people used it that it’s half empty?? They all shared deodorant??” another asked.

“Who sells and doesn’t just use it (or throw the deodorant) themselves,” a third pointed out.

A Facebook sale post
People were baffled by the steep price point of $150. Photo: Facebook

Others noticed that while the newlywed added brackets after the items stating if they were used or how much product was left, she didn’t specify if the boxes of tampons or Tic Tacs were unopened.

“She didn’t note whether the tampons were new or used. Normally you might make an assumption. I’d be afraid to do that here,” a cheeky person quipped.

“Why don’t they just keep them for their guest bath at home? Or for when they travel? This is so gross,” another replied.

“Wouldn’t you just keep this stuff? Seems really weird to try and sell it,” a third asked.


Plenty of people suggested that any brides left with excess toiletries from their big day could donate items to charity.

“So many shelters could use these unused items. If I had already spent the money with the expectation they were being used I would have zero issue with paying them along to someone in need,” a group member wrote.

“Women who are struggling or have nothing will gladly accept these products for them and their family,” a second agreed.

“We have a period specific charity where I live. Even if the box is open, as long as the items are wrapped, they want it. So many people don’t have access to sanitary products,” another explained.

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