Bride stuns TikTokers with 'incredible' $37 wedding dress: 'Love it'

TikToker Lauren Schaffer looked incredible in the SHEIN dress.

TikToker Loren Schaffer Rosko has stunned fans with her extremely cheap wedding dress. The bride, who has over 1.5 million followers on the platform, managed to purchase her gown for just $37 USD. The SHEIN wedding dress would set customers back approximately $65 AUD.

The Love & Lemonade dress features a low back, plunging neckline and two spaghetti straps. The tight-fitting elegant number was made with stretchy polyester and has a small train at the bottom.

Two TikTok screenshots of bride Loren Schaffer Rosko talking about her wedding dress
Bride Loren Schaffer Rosko has shared her bargain wedding dress on TikTok. Photo: TikTok/lorenrosko

The influencer paired her dress with a pair of long gloves and an elegant veil fixed into her low bun. She wore a pair of delicate diamond earrings and held a bouquet of white roses.

In her TikTok, Loren explained why she turned to a fast fashion brand for such an important day, and admitted she did have her mum make some alterations.


“I was debating sharing this but my wedding dress was $37. You heard that correctly, $37,” she told her followers. “It’s from SHEIN, here’s the receipt,” she said.

“And before the fast fashion police come to absolutely crucify me in the comments, I just want you to ask yourself, are you perfect? You’ve never ordered anything fast fashion, you don’t have anything from Amazon, Target, Walmart?” she asked.

Two photos of TikToker Loren Rosko at her wedding
The TikToker looked incredible in her SHEIN dress. Photo: TikTok/lorenrosko

SHEIN has come under fire in the past for their alleged ‘exploitative’ work environment, with the Emma Watson endorsed Good On You’s sustainable fashion rating company giving it the worst possible ranking. According to the social enterprise business, SHEIN doesn’t tick the boxes when it comes to searching for ethical fashion.

The bride revealed that she turned to SHEIN when the couple decided to hold a surprise wedding under the guise of an engagement party, leaving her with just three weeks to prepare.


She also added that she was desperate to ‘show off her back’ after training hard to maintain her slim physique.

“I was Googling like, ‘Lowest possible back on a wedding dress’ and this came up. It happened to be from SHEIN and I fell in love with it,” she recalled. “But the back wasn’t low enough. I wanted to completely shock and awe, so my mother took it down to a point all the way down to my butt crack.”

Her mum added a draped neck to the front and the bride thought the final product was “perfect”.

“I didn’t wanna spend thousands of dollars and I wanted to feel sexy. I think I accomplished that, and [it] doesn’t really matter when you’re marrying the love of your life…you feel like a million bucks anyway,” she exclaimed.

Her followers gushed over her 'incredible' bargain, with one saying their $2500 wedding dress looked exactly like Loren’s $37 option.

“Love a frugal wedding find!! Normalise inexpensive wedding dresses,” one person wrote.

“I would have never guessed $37 you make it look like way more expensive. You looked stunning and so happy…here’s to the next chapter in your life,” another gushed.

“GIRL! I’m jealous! I planned to do this but everyone told me I ‘needed the try on experience’. LOVE my dress but you can't beat $37!! Hell yeah,” a third chimed in.

“Looks the exact same as a $10K dress. A win is a win,” another remarked.

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