Bride savaged over The Flintstones themed wedding: 'Ridiculous'

People were astounded by the garish costumes.

A bride and groom have been brutally mocked after revealing their wedding was The Flintstones themed. A photo of the couple exchanging vows dressed as Fred and Wilma was shared on a popular Facebook wedding group, and people couldn’t hide their shock.

The groom wore a shaggy black wig, long orange dress with black triangles on it and kept his feet bare. The bride wore what seemed to be an orange plastic bag on her head, to mimic Wilma’s orange hair, and a strapless white dress with zebra trim.

The animated series was first shown on screens in 1960. Photo: ABC
The animated series was first shown on screens in 1960. Photo: ABC

The bride accessorised with a large white beaded necklace and also chose to wear a white bra with straps, even though her dress was strapless.

On the left of the picture, there is a tiny glimpse of a bridesmaid who appears to be dressed as the character Betty Rubble. It appears to be a wedding held at home, with a garage visible behind the officiant as well as a large, fake palm tree.


People were baffled by the couple’s decision, with many wondering why they made this particular choice.

“I have so many questions. Was this a dare? Are they fans of this long, outdated cartoon? Didn't anyone tell them that they look ridiculous? Were the guests on theme and was it the same theme or could they be any cartoon character? Did their accommodation not have a mirror?” one person asked.

“Out of all the things to be a dedicated fan of... The Flintstones just feels random!” another added.

Bride and Groom at a Flintstone themed wedding
The bride and groom dressed up like Wilma and Fred Flintstone. Photo: Facebook

“Have we hit bottom yet? Please say yes even though we all know, like the vehicles The Flintstones drove, there is no bottom,” a third quipped.

“You know what? This is terrible. Like, completely, plain and simply, terrible. But it’s terrible in a way I have literally never seen before in this group. And for that, I applaud and love it,” another pointed out.


Others were wondering what on earth the bride was wearing on her head in place of an orange wig.

“They literally just filled an orange grocery bag with other plastic bags and popped it on her head and no one will convince me otherwise,” a group member observed.

“I literally screamed. Is that a hot water bottle on her head,” joked a second.

“So [an] at home wedding? Cool. What is on her head? Is that a shower cap!?” asked another.

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