Bride slammed for 'disgusting' wedding decor: 'Animal abuse'

People were horrified by her 'cruel' act.

A bride has been slammed after revealing she used live betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, in her table centrepieces. She explained on Facebook how she created her ‘cheap’ wedding decor by filling a large wine glass with coloured glass, water and a fish.

At the end of the night, she let guests who wanted a pet fish take them home as a wedding favour. While she didn’t specify what happened to the fish that weren’t taken home, people guessed that they could have been flushed down a toilet or died during the event.

L: Wedding table setting. R: Two fish in a bride's table centrepiece
A bride has been slammed for using live fish as decoration. Photo: Getty

Her wedding decor tip was shared on a popular Facebook wedding group, and people were horrified by the ‘cruel’ suggestion made by the bride.

Many suggested that there’s no reason to use live animals as part of any event or wedding decor, especially when there are fake fish that look extremely realistic.


“There’s no reason to torture a living creature for aesthetics,” one person pointed out.

“A few hours of animal cruelty really says true love,” another wrote sarcastically.

L: Screenshot of Facebook comment thread with a picture of a wineglass and bottle. R: Betta fish in a small glass bowl
People were horrified by her 'cheap' decor suggestion. Photo: Facebook & Getty

“I work in animal rescue and we have had people ask if we could provide puppies for them to have at each table. NO! NO and NOOOOO!” a third chimed in.

“If I ever attended a wedding [with] betta as centrepieces, I would leave. You’re essentially pushing a pet onto someone, and a pet that requires a lot of special attention. This is just disgusting,” another fired out.


Some group members shared sad stories from other weddings that used fish as props.

“I know someone who did this at their wedding, a few fish were taken home, a few were swallowed by drunk guests,” one commented.

“It isn’t worth the risk…I’ve seen too many drunken guests dare another drunken guest to drink them live,” another added.

“I have seen people mention that a lot of them die before the night ends or if they are left behind the guests, they end up being flushed,” remarked a third.

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