Bride-to-be ignites wedding fashion debate with daring bridal look: 'Oh'

Are we witnessing the end of the traditional white wedding dress era?

One bride-to-be has thrown traditional wedding fashion out the window, sharing bold photos of her unconventional outfit choice for her upcoming courthouse wedding.

Traditionalists might want to avert their eyes—this future bride is turning heads with the daring look; a white lace pantsuit, with sheer leg panels and a deep plunging neckline.

Caption. Photo: Facebook
The bridal pant suit has lined shorts, and mesh pant legs with lace detailing. Photo:

While she said she is head over heels for the ensemble, some members of the online wedding planning community couldn't quite get on board with the look.


"I am in LOVE with it," she gushed in the post, before asking, "My question is does anybody have recommendations on a type of top that I could wear under it to cover the gap in between the cleavage?"

The post ignited a frenzy of comments, laughter, and more than a few cringes. Some members were quick to offer playful critiques, calling the look "tacky" and suggesting it was better suited for a bachelorette party than a wedding ceremony.

The bride sought advice about how she could cover up more in the chest area. Photo:
The bride sought advice about how she could cover up more in the chest area. Photo:

"For a split second I thought this was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader uniform someone had redone to be a wedding outfit," someone laughed. Others echoed similar thoughts, with one person joking: "When your wedding is at 5 but you have to drunkenly ride the mechanical bull at a dive bar at 7."

'So tacky'

One group member even quipped that the outfit must have cost "a lot of money to look this cheap."

"All I can see is chaps, this is just awful," someone else wrote, while a third simply added: "Oh"

"What a truly unfortunate outfit," someone else summed up the collective sentiment.

A few others focused on the outfit's bold cleavage and even gave a cheeky nod to the "go big or go home" approach to sexiness, with some genuine advice amidst the humour: "I like the cleavage part, either go all the way with the sexy or don't go at all."

Is the traditional white wedding gown era over?

But beneath the light-hearted jabs, the conversation hinted at the evolving landscape of wedding attire. The days of traditional white wedding dresses might be numbered, as more and more brides opt for non-traditional ensembles that speak to their personal style. The question of what constitutes appropriate wedding attire is now up for grabs. Is the traditional white wedding gown era over?

Collection of wedding dresses in the shop
Brides are increasingly choosing to opt for wedding dresses that defy convention. Photo: Getty

This isn't the first time a bold bride has challenged the status quo. In recent years, we've seen an explosion of non-traditional wedding outfits. From colourful gowns to jumpsuits, brides are embracing their individuality and shunning the one-size-fits-all notion of wedding fashion.

Wedding and Events Planner, Emma Watts from Sparrow Weddings, declared 2023 as the 'year of the coloured gown.' She shared her observations with Yahoo Lifestyle, stating, "I had brides dressed in black, red, and hand-painted rainbow colours, as well as many more subtle options like blush pink or champagne, and they all looked gorgeous."

While most women still opt for a more traditional gown in terms of colour and length, Emma noted a trend towards more contemporary wedding gowns. Last year it was all about statement sleeves, and this year, it's bows.

When it comes to more unconventional choices like jumpsuits, Emma mentioned that while she hasn't seen any yet, it takes a confident person to pull off extreme options. She observed that people seem more willing to go for it with their second outfit or reception dress.

In the end, Emma emphasised, "If it makes them happy, then great, they should do it!"

While the white wedding dress still holds a special place in many hearts, it's clear that modern brides are looking for something more. They want outfits that reflect their personalities and make them feel comfortable and confident on their big day. And who can blame them?

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