Friend blasts bride over 'ridiculous' text before wedding: 'What on Earth?'

The bride's request left her maid of honour in disbelief.

A woman who was asked to be the maid of honour at her friend's wedding was shocked when the bride made an unreasonable demand.

The woman had received a text message in the lead-up to the big day, which has since been posted to Reddit, showing the bride's brazen request for her friend.

The maid of honour, whose name is Rachel, explained the bride went by her middle name, which was also Rachel. The bride however wanted her friend to change her name for her wedding.

"So we've been friends forever right? Good. I just have one request for you as my [maid of honour]," the text from the bride said.

"Change your name please. There can only be one Rachel on my big day."

A text message in a pink speech bubble from a bride asking her maid of honour to change her name.
The maid of honour was shocked when she received this text message from the bride. Source: Reddit

The friend was left in disbelief, saying she did not know how to respond to the bride.

"Like ma'am I am not changing my name for your wedding," she wrote.

A caption on the picture of the text shared to Reddit added: "Just when you think the bridezilla requests can't get any more ridiculous..."

A number of people commented on the post claiming it must be a joke while others were not so convinced.

"The sad thing is that it's entirely believable. Brides have gotten f***ing crazy," one said.

"What on earth? Is she asking you to like, legally change your name? Or just go by like 'Rae' or something for the day...? If it's a matter of what to print on place settings and this is for some reason a huge f***ing deal, I guess going by some made-up nickname for the day is ... fine ... but good luck getting a large group of people, many of whom also presumably know you/have met you, to call you by some fictionalised nickname you're creating just for the sake of this one event," another added.

"I'd step down if this is a serious request."

"That’s insane," a Redditor simply stated.


Others joked about genius ways the maid of honour could get back at her friend for the request.

"The correct response is: Yes I'll change my name but I'm not going to tell you what I changed it to. So if you're looking for me on your wedding day to help you out, you better figure it out," one suggested.

"Get all the bridesmaids to change their names… Rachel," a savage Redditor joked.

"Or she can go by her first name for her wedding..?" a third said.

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