Bride sparks heated debate after sharing how much money guests put in her wishing well

One bride was left furious after 30 of her guests didn't give them anything at all.

A bride has started a fierce debate online after revealing that 30 out of her 70 wedding guests didn’t give the couple a gift.

Taking to a popular Facebook group, the woman said she was “disappointed” over the lack of money in her wishing well and questioned whether it’s “normal” not to bring a present to a wedding.

The bride started the post by saying that she and her husband spent $40,000 on their wedding and invited 70 guests to join them in celebrating their big day.

Bride and groom
A bride has started a fierce debate online over how much the couple were gifted on their wedding day. Photo

Guests enjoyed a buffet and free drinks, with the bride emphasising that it was all gone by the end of the day. She went on to say that they booked a photographer and videographer for 12 hours just so they could have memories with all their favourite people to look back on.

However, that’s where things took a turn, with the bride saying that while they had fun, upon checking the couple’s wishing well two days after the wedding, she realised that 25 of her husband’s closest friends and family hadn’t given them a gift.

She went on to say there were also five empty envelopes as well, meaning 30 people turned up to the wedding without any gifts.

The bride’s side consisted of 30 of her closest friends and family, who forked out $8,000 in gifts for the big day.


“I’m feeling disappointed about it,” she wrote in the Facebook post.

“Like I don’t wanna even talk about this with my partner. Is it normal coming to the wedding with nothing? And is it alright for me to feel sad and disappointed?”

The responses were divided, with one woman saying this encapsulates everything she hates about the wedding industry, as far as gifts are concerned.

“You are essentially asking people to sacrifice their day (one at the very least), sometimes give up a day of work/income, pay for travel, possibly pay for accommodations, often pay for their own drinks AND get the couple a gift??? And that’s not including the expectations that they attend/buy gifts for an engagement party, bridal shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

That’s THREE to FOUR days, THREE to FOUR gifts, and countless time, energy and travel that is EXPECTED of people because these couples fancy themselves to be just that important,” she said.

Facebook bride
The bride took to a popular Facebook page to vent. Photo: Facebook

Another person called the bride out for mentioning that guests had finished all the food and drink at the reception.

“Nobody should have to be buying drinks at your wedding. My gifts from my wedding would have covered a little more than the venue cost. It’s not a money-making opportunity,” the commenter wrote.

Agreeing, another commenter wrote: “Why do people think it's up to others to fund their wedding!! WTF. Don't get married if you can't afford it. Don't expect gifts. While they're nice and typically is something most people do, the day is not about the gifts or money. It's supposed to be about the celebration of your union. Argh the entitlement!”


Others sided with the bride, with one person writing: “Showing up to a free wedding without a gift or money is absolutely unacceptable.”

Another commenter wrote: “I believe all guests should at least give a card. It doesn't need to include money, but if you're getting free food / drinks and I feel we're close enough for you to be part of my wedding day, the least you can do is buy a $2 congratulations card.”

One woman pointed out that it sounded like some of the money may have been stolen, considering there were five empty envelopes left in the wishing well.

“This is weird.. why would they give empty envelopes? I wonder if they were sealed, or just like folded and someone took the money,” another person wrote.

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