Groom's 'priceless' reaction to his bride during first look

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A groom's OTT reaction to seeing his bride for the first time is going viral after he couldn't contain his excitement when the pair did their 'first look'.

Bello Frasher, from Atlanta in the US, shared a clip of the moment he saw his wife for the first time on TikTok with the caption "First Look" along with the song 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran.

tiktok groom reaction to first look bello frasher
This groom could not hide his excitement at seeing his bride. Photo: TikTok

The video shows her approaching him from behind while he is patiently waiting, before she taps him on the shoulder and he slowly begins to turn around. Wedding guests can also be heard in the background clearly excited for his reaction.

The moment Bello spots his bride he pulls off his sunglasses and starts ecstatically jumping around on the spot, crouches down and pulls a series of hilarious facial expressions.


The video has received 1.4M likes and over 20K comments, with one person calling his reaction "priceless".

TikTok viral groom reaction
Bello jumped up and down and spun in circles he was so happy. Photo: TikTok

"This is just beautiful the way your husband is reacting to his Queen!" one person commented.

"Best reaction of all time," another said.

"Gorgeous moment," was another response, while a fourth wrote: "This made me cry."

Others hoped the video would go even more viral, with one person writing: "Why isn't this on [Good Morning America]?" while another joked it should become an ad for Married at First Sight.

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