Groom's fury over mum's 'embarrassing' wedding dress: 'It's insane'

The groom says he has not spoken to his mum for four months.

A groom has sparked fury after he shared a photo of the dress his own mother had chosen to wear to his wedding.

Explaining the situation on a popular Reddit thread, the groom said he had to tell his mum not to wear the dress to the wedding and had since gotten the silent treatment.

The groom then shared a snap of his mum in the dress, which was a long lace ivory gown with a layered detail at the bottom.

A mum wearing a lace ivory wedding dress.
The groom shared a photo of the dress his mum chose to wear to his wedding. Source: Reddit

"My parents had refused to show any pics of what they were planning to wear. Responses were, 'Don’t worry we followed your rules'," he said.

"After a lot of pushing on my end to finally get pics three weeks ahead of the wedding, my mother shared a picture of a dress that is white and resembles my fiancée's dress…to the point our friends thought it was a prank. I let her know it would be embarrassing. Since then I have been given the silent treatment, from her and my siblings."

He added he has since had the wedding and his mother still attended but is now going on four months of silent treatment from her.

"My mother-in-law who is a gem did her best to keep her occupied ... my poor victimised mother whose dreams of a white wedding with her son were unfairly dashed," he said.


People on Reddit were shocked by the mother's behaviour and flocked to the comments to slam her.

"[Mother] is most likely a narcissist— they like to use the silent treatment as a punishment for people setting reasonable boundaries," one said.

"It's insane the amount of people wearing white to weddings these days. I was always told only the bride should be wearing white. There's like 13 million other colours. Surely you can find another dress or the same dress in another colour," another responded.

"And it's not just white, it's a f***ing wedding dress," a third added.

"Doesn’t sound like the silent treatment is a bad thing," somebody else concluded.

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