Bride savages sister-in-law over detail in wedding snap

A bride has 'shamed' her sister-in-law after she broke an unspoken wedding rule. Sharing a photo from the big day on Facebook, the bride explained her brother's wife showed up in a white dress.

The photo showed the sister-in-law posing next to the bride in a short white dress with lacy detail.

"I am the bride LOL," the woman wrote.

"Yes that is a white lace dress and it's whiter than my dress. She walked into the venue like that and quickly got rushed to take family photos so I just smiled and kept it cool.

"She said her original dress didn't fit well and that was the only extra dress she brought to the wedding."

People flocked to the comments to criticise the family member for the cardinal sin.

A woman is seen standing next to a bride in a lacy white dress.
The bride shared her annoyance at the fact her sister-in-law wore white to her wedding. Source: Facebook

"I'm gonna shame your brother too ... boy if you let your wife walk into your sister's wedding like that ... No. You stop her right there and ask her wtf she was thinking before somebody spills their wine on her," one commented.

"It definitely seems inappropriate AF," someone added.

"Ok but why did she even bring a white dress?? Why did she think that that would even be an acceptable option?" a furious person wrote.

"She had to have planned this, because why would you pack/bring a WHITE replacement dress to a wedding?! Even if you were anticipating an emergency bring any other colour," another said.


Others however told the bride not to worry and praised her for how stunning she looked.

"Well, the good news is, she didn’t come remotely close to outshining you. You look amazing, I wouldn’t give her another thought," a comment read.

"You look so stunning that not even her wearing a white lace dress could take away from you in any way at all," another said.

"At first I was wondering what this was doing here because all I could see was an exquisitely beautiful bride," a third commented.

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