Bride's X-rated wedding gift shocks: 'Where can I buy one?'

The racy kitchen items left people in stitches.

A bride has left people in stitches after listing her X-rated wedding gift for sale on Facebook marketplace. Although her wedding was in the 90s, she has only just gotten around to listing the “unwanted” present online.

A photo of her listing was shared on a Facebook page dedicated to wedding shaming, and it showed two tall white ceramic salt and pepper shakers with blue floral details. However, people were taken aback by their phallic-like appearance.

A bride holding a wrapped present with a screenshot of a Facebook marketplace listing on the right
A former bride is trying to sell a raunchy set of salt and pepper shakers. Photo: Getty & Facebook

The seller listed the pair of kitchen items for roughly $27 AUD, and said they were an “unwanted wedding present”. She also noted that the gift was never used, and suggested it could be an “antique” nowadays.

People went wild over the unusual gift, with many saying they would love to find a set of similar phallic-shaped salt and pepper shakers for themselves.


“Now see, I’d think these were a GREAT wedding gift!! I want a set now!” one person commented.

“I would put cream in the salt shaker and shake it into my coffee every morning, but that’s just who I am as a person,” another quipped.

Listing of two phallic-shaped salt and pepper shakers on Facebook marketplace
The former bride claimed the racy gift had never been used. Photo: Facebook

“I can’t believe they’re selling their antique circumcised salt and pepper shakers!” a third joked.

“Man, I sometimes hate that I’m this person, but I’d love to have these on my table for when guests come. I’d sit there with anticipation waiting to see how long it would take for someone to say something, and would bet on who’d be the first person,” another wrote.


Others shared that they had similar X-rated salt and pepper shakers and suggested places that people could buy them.

“Omg I have these!! We bought them on our honeymoon in Amsterdam,” remarked a group member.

“I have one! Also [an] unwanted gift,” another added, alongside snaps of her version.

“I just found [some] on Etsy. They’re actually made from a real model casting too,” a third shared.

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