Aussie bride shares shocking wedding cake disaster: 'I want to cry'

An Aussie bride has shared a photo of an awful-looking wedding cake on popular website Reddit.

In her post, she says that her mum put ‘pressure’ on her to purchase her wedding cake from her mum’s friend, who was meant to be a ‘professional baker’.

A bride covers her mouth as the groom tries to cut the cake
The Aussie bride was horrified by the 'trial cake'. Photo: Getty

“They just sent me this photo of the trial. Suffice to say it’s not what I ordered,” the bride wrote, alongside a photo of the mess.

The two-tiered cake looks like it has been iced by a toddler, with the layers also stacked haphazardly.

Reddit users described the cake as a ‘monstrosity’, ‘horrible’ and ‘wonky’.


The Katoomba-based bride elaborated on her wedding ‘disasters’, saying that this new revelation ‘takes the cake’.

“I wanted a two-tier naked cake and I got a deformed hat,” she wrote sadly. “I managed to get my mum to admit that her friend isn’t really a professional — this is literally boxed cake mix and premade icing. She thinks it’ll look fine when we add flowers.”

A white wedding cake which looks ugly and deformed shared by the bride
The bride shared the 'monstrosity' on Reddit. Photo: Reddit

She told Reddit users that she wanted a white naked cake with lemon curd filling, and because the wedding is located in the Blue Mountains in NSW, there are no nearby cake shop options like Walmart in the USA.

“To be honest I’m kind of freaking out. I’m going to call around a bunch of bakeries today to work out what to do — I haven’t replied to my mum who sent me the photo because I can’t think of anything to say other than ‘wtf’. I’ve had dress disasters, venue changes, and it looks like it’ll be raining on my day,” she added.

The bride then came back and shared what happened after she talked to her mum about the cake.

“I just called mum and I want to cry. She’s doubling down. She keeps insisting it’ll look fine on the second attempt and with some fake flowers. It’s a public holiday where the wedding is, so everything is shut and I can’t even call a bakery to organise another option,” she wrote.

Other users quickly jumped into action mode, with one person who used to live in The Blue Mountains offering up different bakeries to try.

The bride was so grateful for all the help and made plans to purchase a cake from Sydney or try Costco.

People also shared their support for the bride and threw their two cents in.

“Refuse to accept them as your baker. You were promised professional standards and this looks horrific. I would be embarrassed to serve this to friends at home and I’m rubbish at baking,” one person wrote.

“You’re the one getting married! You should be the one to pass judgement on what your cake will be. I’m sorry you’re being pressured like this!” a second chimed in.

“Your mum was being ridiculous. Did she think that her friend’s cakes would be SO good that you couldn’t tell the difference between a professional wedding cake and a lovely but wonky and ugly cake made at home with love?” asked another.

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