Bride roasted over 'creepy' wedding decoration: 'I'm terrified'

The bride shocked people online with the strange table decoration.

A bride has been mercilessly mocked online after she shared the unique decorations she used to dress up her tables at her wedding.

Posting a photo of the decorations on Facebook, the bride said they were handmade for a rustic country-style theme.

The picture of the decorations, which the bride called "heart in hand", shows two white gloves with large red hearts sitting on top. They are secured to the gloves with a cream ribbon.

A white glove with a heart tied onto it.
The table decorations were handmade to suit a rustic country-style theme. Source: Reddit

The gloves however appeared to be a bizarre shape, with the palm looking abnormally puffy while the fingers were skinny and oddly sized.

The photo was shared on a popular Reddit wedding shaming group with the caption: "I have no words."

People were shocked by the decorations, with one claiming they looked more suitable for Halloween.


"Once I realised they were not gloves she had made to wear but for table decorations, they became so creepy," one commented.

"I’m terrified," another simply said.

"Can’t stop imagining these reaching out from under the bed, thanks!" a third added.

"I’ve seen rustic — this isn’t it. Totally inappropriate for wedding decorations," a comment read.

Bride's 'bizarre' move after wedding disgusts

It comes after another bride was savaged after she attempted to sell her half-used toiletry items from her wedding for $150. Instead of keeping items that included a ‘half full deodorant’, dental floss and opened wet wipes, the budget-conscious newlywed tried to recoup some of her money.

Many people were horrified by the bride’s "ridiculous and bizarre" post, with group members saying they hoped she was selling an aerosol deodorant rather than a roll-on.

A list of toiletry items written on lengthy Facebook post.
The contents of the used toiletry bag the bride attempted to sell. Source: Facebook

“Nobody wants USED TOILETRIES. Jesus Christ. So gross,” one wrote.

“Wait, so they provided a deodorant, and enough people used it that it’s half empty?? They all shared deodorant??” another asked.

“Who sells and doesn’t just use it (or throw the deodorant) themselves,” a third pointed out.

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