Bride fuming after sister-in-law's 'entitled' dress choice: 'Disrespectful'

A bride has shared her anger and frustration after revealing her sister-in-law committed not one, but TWO major wedding faux pas.

"I am the one with the bouquet," the newlywed wrote, sharing a photo of herself and her new husband to Reddit, showing her sister-in-law wearing a dress "a shade lighter" than the bride.

wedding dress
The bride's sister-in-law wore a dress 'a shade lighter' than her. Photo: Reddit

"My dress was champagne coloured. My sister-in-law was wearing a dress that was lighter than mine. It's kind of hard to discern the difference from the photos," the post continued.

"She likes the attention, and I didn't want our day overshadowed by her."


And as if that wasn't enough, the bride then also revealed her new sister-in-law had posted a photo from the wedding to her social media, despite the bride and groom asking people not to.

"After the wedding, she posted a picture of me in my wedding dress on her socials," the bride explained.

"We had asked for people not to because we wanted the opportunity to share our photos with friends and family first. We had voiced this as well. Everyone listened except for her."

Despite being asked to take the photo down by the groom, her brother, she ignored him.

"All in all, everything she did she knew she wasn't supposed to do. She was going out of her way to be disrespectful. Hence the issues I have with her."

While the photo has since been taken down, it had already generated comments a host of comments from people who couldn't believe the sister-in-law's choice.

"What a beautiful dress to not wear to a wedding," one person commented.

"Super weird that she dressed like a bride at her brother’s wedding…," another pointed out.

"I don't understand what is hard about not wearing white to a wedding anywhere that is considered a social faux pas."

While a fourth wrote: "This seems to happen often, and I can't understand why. Why advertise to your social circle - and the world - that you are insecure, petty and entitled?"

Some even suggested the bride start plotting her revenge.

"If she hasn't been married yet, you should definitely return the favour at her wedding! See how much she loves it then."

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