'Genius' way woman busts cheating boyfriend goes viral on TikTok

A woman has gone viral after sharing on TikTok the extraordinary lengths her friend went to in order to catch out her 'cheating' boyfriend.

In a video that's had almost one million views, TikTok user Chloe Powell, from the UK, shared a conversation her friend was having, in which she explained the serious snooping she had to do in order to catch him out.

cheating TikTok video
Chloe was seriously impressed with her friends detective work. Photo: TikTok

"MI5 or the FBI please employ her," Chloe captioned the video, in which her friend announces: "I caught him."

In the video, the friend explains she first she used the location search on Instagram to look up the venue her alleged cheating boyfriend was posting from.

She then looked through hundreds of photos that had been tagged at the same venue, and "stalked every girl’s profile" who had tagged themselves there that night.


Once she'd narrowed down the search, she explains she went on all of the women's Instagram Stories and screen recorded them so she could play back the footage to take a better look.

After spending time slowing down the footage for each of them, she eventually spotted her boyfriend in the background.

While Chloe was clearly impressed with her friend's efforts, the unnamed person she was talking to on the phone called her a "psycho".

But plenty of people came to the woman's defence in the comments section of the video, calling her tactic "genius".

"She’s not psycho, she’s just smart," one person commented.

"Sorry but this is impressive," another wrote.

"I never thought of this. She’s a genius," another person agreed.

While a fourth said: "Not Psycho! Reacting to the way men treat us and take us for fools. We don’t let anything go! We can tell if something isn’t right, trust your gut."

It pays to remember that social media knows everything!

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