Big Brother's Lulu exposes the OGs: 'Didn't have their sh*t together'

The drama on Big Brother: Royalty vs New Blood has reached new heights, with the OG alliance falling to pieces after fan favourite Trevor Butler was sent packing earlier this week.

On Wednesday, Lulu Oliveira was sent home in a shock twist, after Anthony Drew rallied to save his girlfriend Sam Monovoski from eviction. She talked to Yahoo Lifestyle about why the OGs “didn’t have their sh*t together”, what the hardest part of the game was and why she felt ‘blindsided.

Lulu and Sam sit in the eviction seats on Big Brother. Lulu is in a pink dress.
Big Brother's Lulu was sent home on Wednesday night. Photo: Seven

‘The OGs didn’t have their sh*t together’

Ever since Dave Graham sent Trevor home earlier in the week, the OG alliance has started to crumble. The farmer started to think he needed to make some big moves, secretly plotting to get Tully Smyth out, one of their closest allies.

Estelle Landy was left scrambling to fix the OG alliance, saying, “it’s going to be dog eats dog and it’s too soon. If we don’t get it together now our ship is sinking and we’re 100 per cent screwed.”

Lulu laughs when she talks about how messy the OGs have been acting over the past few days.

“Oh my god, the OGs didn’t have their sh*t together, did they? [Why] would you put somebody that is working with you [up for eviction]?”


She suspects that Tim Dormer could be behind the cracks in the OG alliance, saying that he's a "strategist", which was clear to viewers when he voted to evict Trevor. Although Tim has been shown clashing with many different players, the 39-year-old admits he is “100 percent the best player in the house”, calling him a “mastermind” in her eyes.

‘Hardest thing I’ve done in my life’

Lulu, Sam and Dave all have one thing in common: an extreme fear of height. It’s fair to say that since the second chance challenge involved jumping off a high platform, none of the housemates wanted to compete.

Lulu admits that it was terrifying, saying that she found it extremely confronting — but she came on Big Brother to ‘push herself’ and have a ‘great experience’.

Tim plays with his hair on the Big Brother set
The Big Brother contestants have been open about how strategic Tim is. Photo: Seven

“The second chance challenge was so hard for me, probably one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life because I’m so scared of heights.

“A super hard challenge just to have that leap of faith and just jump for your life.”

She says it took everything in her to convince herself to jump, and it didn’t get easier as the challenge went on. A little voice in her head kept saying, “Oh my god, what if something happens? What if I fall?”

Dave ended up winning the challenge, so the only two up for eviction were Lulu and Sam.

‘Completely blindsided’

Lulu explains that she felt relatively safe going up against Sam, as Drew’s girlfriend had already been evicted last week, but was saved by Big Brother. Lulu mentions that tensions were high when she returned.

“After Sam’s eviction, she came back and everybody was really mad. The house was like, oh my god. Why?” she says.

It was mentioned on the show that Sam may have been neglecting other relationships in the house as she focused on her boyfriend Drew. According to Lulu, she can see why people thought that, saying: “She’s in a relationship with [Drew], so she spent most of the time with that person.”

Lulu is talking to someone in the Big Brother house while wearing a light pink top.
Lulu believed that Sam would go home. Photo: Seven

Lulu reveals why she thought Sam would be going home, saying: “I was completely blindsided because I’m having fun. I’m with everybody, I’m always contributing to the house.

“Versus a person that is always with their boyfriend and is not really opening herself up to anybody. I really thought I had a good chance to stay.”

The housemate also touched on how Drew would rally for his girlfriend, and put his ex-girlfriend Tully in a tough spot. Lulu believes that Sam and Drew should be seen as a big threat since they are the only pair in the house with a romantic relationship.

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