Big Brother star Skye Wheatley slammed after filming son's tantrum in Kmart

The reality star was unfazed by criticism, turning the incident into a meme.

Big Brother star Skye Wheatley has been called out on Instagram after posting a video of her son having a tantrum at Kmart.

The influencer posted a clip of her son, Bear, 2, rolling around the ground in Kmart screaming while Skye attempted to get him to calm down.

The Daily Mail reported that the young mum initially tried to calm Bear down, asking him to stand up.

"Calm down. Are you going to stop throwing it on the ground? Stand up please," Skye was heard saying.

Skye then said if he jumped up off the floor he could have the item he wanted.

It was the filming of the event that caused social media users to call out the influencer saying that matters probably weren't helped by putting a "phone in his face".

Skye wheatley and son Bear
Skye was criticised after she uploaded a video poking fun at her son's tantrum in Kmart. Photo:

"Imagine feeling some big emotions as an adult and someone holding a phone in your face to record you because, 'I'm showing real life,'" one person commented.

"As a mum-of-three there’s no way I would have bought him anything after throwing a tantrum like that," another criticised.

While the original video isn't on her feed, she later posted a meme version of it, with the caption, "Honestly I can't breathe call the doc, this sends me."


Others praised the star for highlighting the struggles of parenthood and making jokes about how Bear kept his sunglasses on the whole time.

"The fact that he kept on his sunnies even throughout all the tantrum lol he is a legend," one person said. "I can't I am crying with laughter," another person agreed.

"Give him an Oscar, darl! What a bloody masterpiece!!" another person wrote.

"The shopping centre breakdowns are on another level," another sympathised.


Skye rose to fame on Big Brother in 2014 and now works as an influencer. She shares two sons, Forest and Bear, with her boyfriend of six years Lachlan Waugh.

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