Big Brother's sexy new trailer has left some fans hot, bothered, and angry

The promo shows a whole bunch of sexy singles, steamy pashes, and surprise eliminations.

Big Brother's new promo two men competing in challenge
Big Brother's steamy new promo has caused division among fans. Photo: Seven

Big Brother fans, get ready! A sexy new trailer for the 2023 season has dropped and the show has gotten a spicy revamp.

Big Brother hasn't shied away from romances in the past – from the very early '00s Jess and Marty love story, through to Tully and Drew, Aleisha and Joel, and Sam and well, Drew – when you have some single people living in a house in close proximity, trauma bonding can occur and often be mistaken for romance.

But this season looks like it's about to be hotter and hornier than ever if the promo is anything to go by.

Big Brother's 2023 promo couple kissing in bath
Yes, this is Big Brother not The Bachelor, and that's not a chocolate bath thankfully. Photo: Seven

In the trailer, the big man himself promises the house is about to be filled with the sexiest housemates in Australia. "What could possibly go wrong?" he asked.

Sounds foreboding.


"Love blossoms and breaks," Sonia Kruger promises in her voiceover, as a bunch of sexy, horny singles make out like they got lost on their way to Love Island.

The hot 'n' heavy promo got huge love online, with over 2,000 comments on Facebook.

"This season looks awesome," one excited fan said.

"Can't wait, I am so excited!" another person commented.

"It's going to be a hot summer in the Big Brother House," the official Big Brother account responded.


However, not all fans were impressed.

"You just took the normality away from it. It used to be everyday Aussie people from all walks of life. This just looks like social influences with already 15k followers," one person raged.

"It's a shame you've ruined the concept and moved away from what we love, everyday Aussies. Now just another bimbo dating show. Really disappointed," another said.

"I miss the old Big Brother where we could vote at the evictions. And random mixes of people. This just seems much more scripted. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still watch this season but it seems like Big Brother isn’t Big Brother anymore," another said sadly.

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Big Brother is set to premiere on Channel Seven in November.