TikTok star Indy Clinton on life as a young mum: 'You will lose pretty much all of your friends'

Indy Clinton has become a TikTok star after her chaotic and relatable videos depicting life with two young kids.

Aussie influencer Indy Clinton has opened up about what life is like as a young mum in a TikTok that's now gone viral.

The content creator and mum of two is pregnant with her third child, and recently uploaded a TikTok titled 'Things nobody tells you before you become a mum' with the video now sitting on over one million views.

The 26-year-old is a mother to Navy, 3, and Bambi, 1, and is expecting her third child with her husband Ben Azar by end of the year.

She's become a TikTok superstar after her hilarious videos often go viral, depicting her chaotic life raising two young children.

Indy Clinton Navy and Bambi
Indy Clinton is known for her chaotic TikToks depicting family life with two young kids and one on the way. Photo:

'You will lose pretty much all of your friends'

"One day you'll wake up with back pain and then your back will literally never be the same again," Indy started her TikTok with.

"You'll lose your identity and yourself, but you'll find this new version of yourself that you never ever knew."


"The more kids you have, the less people check in and care about you. I know it's really sad and it doesn't make sense and it's weird," she said.

Indy Clinton is expecting her third baby soon. Photo:
Indy Clinton is expecting her third baby soon. Photo:

"You will lose pretty much all of your friends you had pre-kids if they don't have kids," she said. "You'll probably only keep one or two.They're just on a different pathway to you and they do not get it."

"They'll be like 'Why? Why can't you come to my birthday, I know you've got two kids and you're pregnant and you've got morning sickness but why?'" Indy elaborated.

"But you make amazing new friends and that is what life is about."

Her TikTok was flooded with comments from fans who really resonated with what she had to say.

"All these are 110% true," one person said.

"I’m 24 with two children the same age as Bambi and Navy, no one checks on me anymore," one person commented. "I lost so many friends! But they change everything for the better."

"You will have a life again. It flies by enjoy it," another said.

Some people offered a different perspective.

"As the friend who doesn’t have any kids yet we need to be checked in on too 🥺," they said. "My friends with kids only ever talk about them and never ask me anything."

"I’m the only friend without kids and have lost touch with everyone NOT by choice – I want to relate but don’t know how since I recognise I have no clue," another said. "Being almost 35 and childless is a new kind of lonely."

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