Below Deck star divides fans over bikini snap: 'You're kidding right?'

"I never would usually post this..."

Below Deck and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! star Aesha Scott has left her followers divided after sharing a bikini snap with the caption criticising her thighs.

"I never would usually post this, and to be honest, I have gone to delete it then redone it so many times already," she wrote. "I hate that my thighs look a little bigger here than my usual (Christmas holiday yums and drinks which I don’t regret) but I love the picture.

Below Deck star Aesha Scott in a bikini
Below Deck star Aesha Scott has divided fans after sharing a bikini snap with an 'offensive' caption. Photo: Instagram/aesha_jean

"I’m not doing this to get compliments so don’t feel like you have to comment a bunch of yaasss Queens 🔥🔥, I just thought if I’m an advocate for being real and genuine then I shouldn’t be not posting a photo I love because I think some body part isn’t looking ideally how I’d like."

She added, "It just shows the crazy things we say to ourselves in our minds while not believing any of those things when applied to other people. Time to walk the talk!"


Some of her followers slammed the reality star, with one user writing, "Imagine how women with actually big thighs/weight issues feel... and then here you are with a thigh gap acting like you’re big 🙄."

"This is the issue - women are made to feel as if this is big? 😢," another said.

"Really Aesha — your thighs are nothing. This is offensive," a third said.

"That’s crazy because my first thought was 'I’d give my left kidney to look like her' you are GORGEOUS," someone else commented.

"With a teen daughter who recently went through treatment and is also old enough to use Instagram, I beg of you not to post statements of self-loathing or body hate," a mum commented. "You are beautiful no matter what your thighs look like. It shouldn't even be discussed because if someone care what your thighs look like they are an a**hole."

"You’re kidding right?! You are stunning!" one follower wrote.


"I was just thinking how ripped your legs looked!! You look amazing, always 🫶🏻," another said.

"We’re so critical of ourselves!! It needs to stop now," someone else added. "You’re so beautiful inside and out Aesha. Our weight fluctuates as we get older. Love your body today and every day even with the extra fluff on."

"If I looked like that, I'd only post pictures in bikinis!" another joked.

Others said that "being honest doesn't make you a bad person", while some said that she looked "beautiful and healthy".

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