Bachelor star Snezana Wood stuns with swimsuit snaps: 'Ripped'

"Now that body screams dedication and commitment."

Former Bachelor star Snezana Wood stunned her followers on Sunday after sharing several snaps of herself in a black swimsuit, including a few where she posed while using an outdoor shower.

The 42-year-old looked "ripped", according to followers, with the former reality star showcasing her insane body in the snaps.

Former Bachelor star Snezana Wood in black one piece swimsuit
Former Bachelor star Snezana Wood stunned her followers over the weekend after sharing snaps of herself in a swimsuit. Photo: Instagram/snezanawood

Snezana simply captioned the snaps with a white love heart emoji, with her followers complimenting the mum-of-four's figure.

"I now know why Sam can't keep his hands off you! You are amazing! (From a mamma herself)," one user wrote.

"Vision 🙌 after 4 kids wow! Looking incredible," another said.


"Holy moly Snez, you're smoking hot!" a third added.

"She’s next level!! May inspire me to go for a walk…" someone else joked.

"Now that body screams dedication and commitment," one person wrote.

Snezana Wood in swimsuit
The mum-of-four left her followers speechless with the snaps. Photo: Instagram/snezanawood

"Mate you are insane," another said, while many others wrote that Snezana is "stunning", "spectacular" and "beautiful".

Some, however, weren't as complimentary, with one user writing, "She had worked hard to look this good but not every mum has the resources and money to achieve it, so it’s actually unfair to be displayed over social media."

"This is not what the average female person looks like ladies. Please remember this," another said.

Others defended Snezana, with one user hitting out at the comments, writing, "Honestly… what did you hope to gain from this comment? Putting [women] down in the aim of uplifting/empower others is not it."

"Literally was about to say the same thing!" another said. "She works hard - works out and eats well. The above comment was unnecessary."

Snezana and husband Sam Wood with their four daughters. Photo: Instagram/snezanawood
Snezana and husband Sam Wood with their four daughters. Photo: Instagram/snezanawood

"I have what would be considered a below average looking body. And I’m so okay with that," a third said. "I’m also so okay with seeing exceptional looking bodies! It doesn’t make me feel less worthy seeing Snezana’s body but we don’t need to hear your comment reminding us."

"Ummm some of these comments are not it… she looks absolutely incredible," someone else wrote.


Snezana previously revealed to NW in 2018 that she follows her husband Sam Wood's 28 by Sam Wood workouts and trains around three times a week with the aim of improving her strength.

She revealed at the time she kick starts her day with a smoothie or a shot of coffee, then at around 10am she might have an omelette, then a salad for lunch and then dinner might be something like roast vegetables and a protein.

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