Fitness star Tiffiny Hall shares 'incredible' bikini selfie after 40kg transformation

'I’ve been so self-conscious of my loose skin at the beach'.

Fitness star Tiffiny Hall has opened up about her struggles around her body in a candid bikini post on Instagram. The 38-year-old trainer is currently holidaying with her family - husband Ed Kavalee and their two children, son Arnold and daughter Vada - where she uploaded a bikini selfie and shared her thoughts on her 40kg transformation with her 233,000 followers.

“I’m so proud of my body and what it’s done for me over the years but I’ve been so self conscious of my loose skin at the beach. I know it’s silly but these feelings have come up and I wanted to share,” she wrote.

“This year I’m determined to not let it worry me – 2 babies and 40 kgs down, my loose skin is my battle scar I’m determined to embrace. Loose skin is a part of life and it’s one of those things when you really think about it, you wonder whyyyy do I even care at all?!”

Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall
Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

She went on to ask her followers how many of them are “embracing their loose skin this year”, with many commenting saying she looks ‘incredible’.

“Our bodies do the most amazing things, and as women we definitely need to embrace the changes and accept how our bodies have nurtured, grown, and birthed babies. It is that loose skin that shows how much we have achieved,” one person wrote.

“You’re amazing!! Be proud of your incredible body!!” another person wrote.


Tiffiny and Ed welcomed their second child Vada into the world in May 2022, with the star breaking down in an emotional video that June speaking about how she had struggled with her body image since giving birth.

"I know that there are many of you out there who are pregnant or about to give birth or who have just given birth, and I just really wanted to say how important it is to bounce forward and that it's not easy," she said.

Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall
Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall
Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall
Photo: Instagram/Tiffiny Hall

"It's not easy to bound forward and take the pressure off, even I am standing in the mirror looking at my new body, Vada's house, my big bump and it's really hard to accept that it's going to take time,” she said.

She began to wipe tears from her eyes as she spoke of Vada's birth being "painful but worth it".

"Healing takes time and it depends what birth you had... for me, I've got a few stitches and stuff's going on so it's all painful. But [Vada] is absolutely beautiful and worth it," she said.

"Arnie keeps asking me why my stomach is so big ... he keeps saying, 'Is there another baby in there mum?'. No. I'm trying to explain to him it takes a long time for bodies to go back to normal and that it's hard."

In 2021, the fitness guru told that she has had to restrict her exercise to just 10 minutes a day after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (aka CFS/ME) in 2020.

At the same time, Tiff also found out she had Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS, a condition that affects blood flow and causes people to feel lightheaded or even faint.

At the time she said she felt like a “trainer who can’t train.”

She also appeared on A Current Affair to share an update on her life with CFS/ME and POTS, describing it as "horrendous, absolutely hideous" and her "biggest battle yet".

Tiffiny began her ‘Bounce Forward’ plan in June last year and in December she told her followers that she’s “very proud of what I’ve achieved this year physically and mentally.”

She revealed that she has lost over 30kg since giving birth but she did it “real slow and steady”.

“You can do it,” she told a follower, adding: “Take the pressure off and enjoy the journey that’s all that matters.”

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