Ashy Bines left mortified after accidentally wearing 'see-through' bikini

"I can literally see everything, like, I can see it all."

Fitness influencer Ashy Bines took to TikTok to share her shock after discovering that a bikini she'd purchased became completely see-through when in the water.

Ashy shared that she'd purchased the yellow bikini because she "loved the fit" and wore it for a swim in her pool at home, but was shocked when her husband Steve Evans said he could "literally see everything".

"My husband starts laughing and is like, 'Babe, I don't know if that's the look you're going for, and if so, all good, but I can literally see everything, like, I can see it all. No complaints here, but I don't know if you want to be wearing those out?'" she recalled.

Ashy Bines in a yellow bikini
Ashy Bines has been left baffled after accidentally buying and wearing a 'see-through' bikini. Photo: Instagram/ashybines

"And I looked down and I was like, 'Damn it, these are brand new!'" the influencer added.

"Can someone please tell me, is this normal, or am I just super old and don't know what's trending," Ashy questioned her followers.

She was quick to check the product description in case it had mentioned that they might be see-through but she didn't find anything. Ashy then contacted the company, telling them they'd sent her a faulty product, however, the company didn't agree and refused to give her a refund.


The influencer added that she was surprised that the brand seemingly hadn't tested to see if their products would be see-through when wet or if they were going for that look, they should have put it in the product description.

"Am I just really old?" she questioned her followers. "Is it just normal for bikinis to be see-through now, and is that the cool, new trending thing?"

Ashy added that she'd be throwing the bikinis in the bin because she wouldn't be wearing them again.

Her followers were quick to respond, with one user writing, "Oh, no way!! Imagine if the first time someone wears them is in a PUBLIC space! 😩."

"That's really bad customer service, dismissive and defensive," another said. "At the very least should have offered you a refund."


"Apparently, some are for show (not to get wet), and some are for water..." a third person suggested.

"Maybe they are just for sunbathing and not for swimming," someone else said.

"You can send them back," someone else said. "Under Australian consumer law, you can return for a refund if the item isn’t fit for purpose and meets the description."

Others begged her to share the name of the company, but Ashy wouldn't budge.

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