Beauty and the Geek wows fans with four makeovers: 'Next level hot'

With this year’s season of Beauty and the Geek about to come to an end, fans were left gobsmacked on Monday night after four of the remaining Geeks underwent dramatic makeovers.

29-year-old musician Jason was the first contestant to be revealed, showing off his haircut, beardless face, glowing tan and brand new clothes.

Beauty and the Geek’s Jason before and after his makeover.
Beauty and the Geek’s Jason left fans shocked with his dramatic transformation. Photos: Channel Nine

Jason, who began the show as one of the season’s shyest Geeks and admitted he could “barely muster standing within 20m of the Beauties” in episode one, was lost for words when he first saw himself.

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off me,” he said. “Something as simple as not having beard hair to fiddle with or hair on my face to block my view of things and make me pull my head down to fix my hair is tremendously powerful for confidence.

“I really feel like this appearance is a reflection of the growth that I’ve gone through over these last few weeks.”

Beauty and the Geek’s Emily crying.
Jason’s Beauty Emily burst into tears after seeing his makeover. Photos: Channel Nine

The Beauties were also stunned by his new appearance, with his partner Emily, 25, immediately bursting into tears.

“Who the hell is that?” Karly screamed out, while Bri exclaimed, “Hey hot stuff!”.

“I was actually picturing what our babies would look like at that point,” Emily later confessed. “I’m not even kidding you, I have the hots for Jason!”


Meanwhile, viewers online all agreed that he looked “next level hot”.

“Jason arguably is the hottest Geek after the makeover in the history of Beauty and the Geek,” one fan tweeted.

“Jason looks like a different person,” another added, while a third wrote, “That man should never grow a beard again”.

Beauty and the Geek’s Aaron before and after his makeover.
Aaron admitted he felt ‘sexy’ after his makeover. Photos: Channel Nine


Next up was 30-year-old train driver Aaron, who had a haircut, new glasses and a fresh sense of style.

“I feel so so happy, I’m ready to start living now,” he told host Sophie Monk. “I've never felt so attractive and, dare I say it, sexy! I might have to do some modelling soon.”

Fans on social media remarked that Aaron looked “fabulous” and his transformation was “going to do wonders for his self-esteem”.

“Absolutely wonderful transformation, the inner beauty is truly shining on the outside,” one person said.

“Oh my god Aaron, looking so good! Best looking train driver ever!” another declared.

Beauty and the Geek’s Anthony before and after his makeover.
Anthony was left speechless after seeing his new look. Photos: Channel Nine

'New and improved'

26-year-old Harry Potter fanatic Anthony, who was excited to show off a “new and improved” version of himself, began crying when he first saw his suave new look in the mirror.

“I feel speechless, I feel handsome,” he said. “To have looked at the mirror, it was very emotional because it’s like, this is what I can actually be.”

His Beauty, 26-year-old dancer Tegan, said that Anthony’s makeover was better than she expected and he looked like “a bad boy rich sugar daddy”, while Sophie Monk told him that he looked “so smart and sophisticated”.

“Anthony's reveal has given me goosebumps, he looks so HAPPY AND ACCEPTED AND LOVED,” a viewer wrote on Twitter.

“Aww, Anthony. You just beam with joy! You have an amazing smile,” someone else replied.

Beauty and the Geek’s Michael before and after his makeover.
Fans online praised Michael’s ‘incredible’ transformation. Photos: Channel Nine

'Oh damn!'

25-year-old children’s party entertainer Michael was the final Geek to receive a makeover and received immediate praise from his Beauty Tara, 22, who ran up and kissed him.

“Oh my goodness, you look amazing!” she whispered. “You look so good!”

“That was so romantic,” Michael later told the producers. “I have dreamed of a moment like that. I felt really, really happy, very wanted. She’s awesome, I didn’t know she could move that fast!”

When he eventually saw his haircut, clean-shaved face and stylish outfit in the mirror, Michael said: “Oh damn! Ok, I’ll accept this!”

Fans quickly took to social media to praise his “incredible” transformation, with a few people comparing his new appearance to Euphoria star Jacob Elordi.

“Dude no longer looks like he solves mysteries with a dog,” someone joked.

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