Beauty and the Geek star shocks with dramatic makeover: 'Totally different'

Beauty and the Geek star Christopher has left viewers stunned with his dramatic transformation after becoming the second contestant to receive a makeover this season.

The 30-year-old international Yu-Gi-Oh! Champion, who is paired with 30-year-old ex-NRL cheerleader Bri, received enormous praise for his brand new look on both the show and social media during Monday night’s episode.

Beauty and the Geek's Christopher before his makeover.
Beauty and the Geek’s Christopher received the second makeover of the season. Photo: Channel Nine

Prior to his reveal in front of the contestants, Christoper spoke openly about why the makeover was such a big deal to him.

“I’ve always been really insecure about my looks, I don’t really think of myself as being someone who’s worth talking to,” he shared.

“But Bri has helped me learn so much. She’s always building me up. I want to show her that I can absolutely be the person that she thinks I can be and be the best version of myself.”


Immediately after Christopher unveiled his shorter haircut and brand new clothes, Bri began screaming, applauding and tearing up.

“Chris looks immaculate,” she gushed. “I just know how good he looks and how good he’s going to feel and I’m speechless. I’m actually lost for words.”

Beauty and the Geek's Bri and Christopher after his makeover.
‘I’m speechless. I’m actually lost for words.’ Photos: Channel Nine

‘Totally different’

Viewers quickly took to social media to praise Christopher’s transformation, with a number of people admitting that they also teared up.

“How bloody good does Chris look. What a makeover!” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “I literally cried!”

“He looks fantastic, I could see him modelling, no joke,” a third shared. “Great features. Hope he feels more confident now!”

“Christopher looks totally different now!” someone else remarked, while a different user simply replied, “BEST TRANSFORMATION EVER”.

Beauty and the Geek's Christopher after his makeover with Bri.
One fan labelled Christopher’s makeover as the ‘best transformation ever’. Photo: Channel Nine

Meanwhile, plenty of fans pointed out that Christopher, whose appearance has been compared to a young Mick Jagger, now has plenty of other celebrity doppelgängers.

“Chris looks like Ashton Kutcher,” one viewer tweeted, with another adding, “He looks a little bit like Kalyn Ponga now. Not totally, but there is a resemblance.”

“He’s gone from Mick Jagger to the sophisticated and intelligent Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. Google it; you can’t unsee it,” someone else said.

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