Beauty and the Geek star opens up about 'terrifying' makeover: 'Nervous'

Beauty and the Geek’s Batman fanatic Mike left viewers stunned during Wednesday night’s episode when he became the first geek of the season to receive a makeover.

The 20-year-old received plenty of compliments on social media after he got a haircut, had his beard trimmed and switched up his style, with many people labelling him as “handsome”, “gorgeous” and “hot”.

Beauty and the Geek’s Mike and Heidi.
Beauty and the Geek’s Mike says he was ‘extremely nervous’ to receive the first makeover of the season. Photo: Channel Nine

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following his transformation, Mike admits he was “extremely nervous” to change his appearance so dramatically.

"I was terrified going into it,” he says, adding that “the expectations were high” because it was the first makeover.

“I love my beard, I love growing it out, I really do, and that was something that I didn't really want to let go of. I didn't want to trim it down and make it really short.

“But Heidi was supporting me the whole way through, and her coming over before was very good for me just to kind of open up a bit to someone that I’m actually really starting to care for.”

Mike went on to say that the positive response online has been “the best feeling in the world” and he’s loving all the newfound attention.

“I feel amazing,” he shares. “It's not every day that you get to do this whole big change on national television and have everyone see you grow.


“I had a cheeky look at Twitter and there are some pretty good reactions. I’ve seen comparisons to a young Ben Affleck, I saw Miles Teller, and then I saw Austin Butler!

“I could never in a million years have expected this response and just the comments and everything. It's all been love from what I've seen so far and all support,” he continues, before adding with a laugh, “Except for the shoes, apparently people don't like the shoes. What’s wrong with velcro?”

Beauty and the Geek’s Mike and Heidi.
‘I'm excited for people to actually get to know Heidi a lot more and see what I see in her.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Heidi and Mike

Speaking about maintaining his makeover in real life, Mike says it’s been difficult merging his two wardrobes and he doesn’t plan on throwing out his graphic tees just yet.

“I begged for them to give my old clothes back to me after the makeover,” he reveals.

“They’re still around, there are still some Batman tees, but there are just fewer of them. If I don’t care about the day I might chuck them on, and I just started going to the gym for the first time properly, so they might come out there.”

While he’s already experienced a massive change in both his appearance and his confidence levels, Mike is excited for viewers to see the rest of the season and how he and his Beauty evolve together.

“It's still early days with Heidi and me, we've only just been paired together and we won the first challenge together,” he says.

“But I'm just excited to see the growth in myself and the growth in Heidi and I'm excited for people to actually get to know Heidi a lot more and see what I see in her.”

Beauty and the Geek airs Mon - Wed at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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