Beauty and the Geek star stuns with 'incredible' makeover: 'Glow up'

The new season of Beauty and the Geek might have only just kicked off this week, but fans have already been treated to the very first makeover.

20-year-old Batman fanatic Mike, who is paired with 20-year-old waitress Heidi on the show, left the cast shocked when he revealed his dramatic transformation during Wednesday night’s episode.

Beauty and the Geek's Mike before his makeover.
Beauty and the Geek’s Mike was the first contestant to experience a makeover this season. Photo: Channel Nine

Before undergoing the process, Mike told the producers he was hoping that the makeover would help him remove his “mask” and become Bruce Wayne.

“I was really scared of losing my beard, losing my favourite shirts. I was just scared of change,” he said. “But I don’t want to be hiding anymore.

“Me and the ability to look good, I mean, I can’t really think about it. It’s still pretty surreal.”


Post-transformation, Mike looked like a Hollywood star with a haircut, shaved face, tanned complexion and brand new clothes.

“I was in absolute shock, I did not see that coming,” Heidi remarked. “He didn’t just look good, he actually looked unreal, like perfect.

“Mike looked hot, very very very hot. I could not take my eyes off him,” she added, while the other Beauties and Geeks screamed and shouted compliments at him.

Beauty and the Geek's Heidi looking shocked / Mike after his makeover.
Mike’s Beauty Heidi was left stunned by his incredible transformation. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Mike is 10/10’

Meanwhile, fans on social media were equally stunned by Mike’s “incredible” transformation and labelled him a “totally different man”.

“That, my friends, is a GLOW UP,” one person tweeted, followed by another who added, “Mike is 10/10”.

“Mike you little hottie,” a third wrote, while someone else said, “His self-esteem has grown too and that’s great.”

“He really looks like Austin Butler and that’s a big compliment,” a different user shared.

“OMG in all my years of watching reality TV this is the best transformation I have ever seen,” one fan declared.

Beauty and the Geek's Mike after his makeover.
‘OMG in all my years of watching reality TV this is the best transformation I have ever seen.’ Photo: Channel Nine

Sophie Monk shuts down rumours

Mike’s makeover comes shortly after Sophie Monk spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle and shut down rumours that the show casts “fake geeks”.

“It's not true, because I've watched their audition tapes and they actually looked geekier then than they do in the promos,” she said. “It's not contrived, that’s who they are.

“I think they find the geeks on like, gaming sites and stuff where they hang out.”

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