Bachelor’s Irena opens up about devastating miscarriage: 'Women are amazing'

Warning: This article speaks about miscarriage and pregnancy loss

The Bachelor’s Irena Srbinovska has opened up about her devastating miscarriage, saying “we need to break the stigma and pressure on women”.

In July, Irena, who met Locky Gilbert on the 2020 season of the Channel 10 reality show, revealed that their time together post-show had been filled with “amazing highs and devastating lows”.

Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovska
The Bachelor's Irena has opened up about her miscarriage. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovska

“During our first few months together I, unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage,” Irena told WHO.

“But Locky was my absolute rock and having his support made me love him even more.”

Now, in an Instagram Q&A, Irena revealed her miscarriage happened just after Christmas last year.

“I was sick for a while and put it down to stress from moving to Perth and my dad being unwell,” she explained.

“Unknowingly, I was pregnant the whole time.”


Irena and Locky from The Bachelor hugging on a pier
Irena said “we need to break the stigma and pressure on women”. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovsk

Irena said she ended up in hospital twice and it was hard only having Locky to support her as she had just moved from her family in Melbourne to be with her new boyfriend in Perth.

“He was my rock. He cared for me, looked after me and helped me through it,” she said.

Irena went on to say it’s more common that many people think, with one in five pregnancies ending due to miscarriage.

“So whilst I have been relatively open about my experience, many women suffer in silence I think we need to break the stigma and pressure on women.

“Women are amazing. And so too are out partners that also suffer loss too,” she said.

Irena and Locky on The Bachelor
Irena met Locky on The Bachelor in 2020. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovska
Locky and Irena at the beach
The couple have set up a life together in Perth. Photo: Instagram/irena_srbinovsk

Earlier in the Q&A, a follower asked Irena if she would ever think about having a baby, with the reality star and nurse replying: “I am so clucky already. I can’t wait to be a mum.”

She went on to say: “It’s something that I’ve always looked forward to. And I can’t wait to see Locky as a dad.”

Irena said she’s seen a specialist since her miscarriage last year and “got all the tests done so hopefully we won’t have any issues.”

While she says she hopes a baby or two is on the cards in the future, she has just gone back to work as a nurse and wouldn’t be able to take maternity leave so soon after starting.

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