Ciarran Stott has caused chaos on The Bachelorette 2021 in Sweden

In bizarre reality TV news, Australian star of both The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise, Ciarran Stott, is a contestant on the current season of The Bachelorette in Sweden.

The 27-year-old is best remembered for starring on Angie Kent’s season in 2019 before wreaking havoc on the show’s spin-off series in Fiji the following year.

.Ciarran Stott on The Bachelorette Sweden.
Ciarran Stott is a contestant on The Bachelorette in Sweden. Photo: Instagram/bachelorse

While the British heartbreaker didn’t find love on Australian shores, he travelled to Europe earlier this year to try and win the heart of Swedish Bachelorette, Julia Franzén.

A clip posted to the show’s Instagram page last month features Ciarran, who doesn’t actually speak Swedish, rocking up to the mansion mid-rose ceremony on a quad bike as an intruder.

“I’m definitely looking forward to meeting Julia,” he said. “She’s not gonna be expecting someone all the way from Australia to turn up.

“I’m gonna steal the show, and probably steal her heart too. I definitely feel like the boys should be threatened by me, being from Australia with an English accent. Hot, heavy, ready. Let’s go!”

According to So Dramatic!, Swedish casting producers selected Ciarran to compete on the reality show as they “loved” watching him on Angie’s season when it aired in the country last year.

A viewer in Sweden also told the podcast that Ciarran has been spotted flirting with a number of Swedish Bachelor stars, including former runner-up Armina Moradi.

The tattooed star has since explained his actions to So Dramatic! and revealed that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette were actually filmed 10 days apart at the same location, so there was a crossover with participants.

“I met two of the contestants from The Bachelor [Sweden] that was filming whilst I was in the hotel. Then we went out for dinner and drinks,” he detailed.


“[The producers] put me in a hotel with all the girls who weren’t receiving roses from The Bachelor,” he added.

“The girls saw me on the beach and recognised me as they watch the Australian series in Sweden. They then approached me and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner and drinks, so I did.”

Ciarran also recently spoke to Daily Mail about the very apparent language barrier he faced on the show, as the season was mostly spoken entirely in Swedish.

“I didn’t know a single [word] of Swedish before I went over to the show,” he said. “Some of the boys I became close with in the mansion taught me a few words here and there.

“There were times whilst shooting that the whole date or scenario was in Swedish so I sat/stood there smiling and nodding my head like I understood what was going on.”

Unfortunately, Ciarran was sent home by Julia in episode 10, so stay tuned for his next reality TV appearance.

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